What I find to be Incredible

ken kpaulc at [remove]earthlink.net
Sat Apr 24 12:49:18 EST 2004

What I find to be Incredible is that,
for more than a 'decade', I've been
discussing NDT's position here in
b.n, explaining how it was that I had
to work in solitude while developing
NDT's stuff, and asking for folks'
help in getting over the 'hurdles' that
have stood in the way of NDT's
coming-forward -- yet, no one has
responded to this simple, often-re-
iterated plea for help.

That's Incredible to me.

But, maybe, folks've just not gotten
it. So, here, I'll try one more time.

When I was an undergrad, no one
took seriously the possibility that an
undergrad could actually do anything
that was worth anything. I did, but
no one would consider what I did.

When I went to grad school [as a
non-degree candidate, hoping to be
picked-up into a program], I was
told that, if I didn't give-up on the
stuff that I'd been doing, there would
be no chance of my being admitted
into a degree program.

I'd seen the worth in the stuff I'd
been working on, so, rather than
give up on it, I decided to leave
grad school and continue the work
on my own. I got a job as a computer
programmer to fund this effort.

In 1979, the work imploded to unity,
and I wrote a paper that I hoped
would let folks see the stuff I'd dev-
eloped, but it didn't.

I continued working, and produced
AoK, which I thought would surely
do what needed to be done, but no
one would review it, and no one
would Publish it.

Folks know what's in AoK, so I
won't go over that here, but that's
where things stand.

I've been working, here in b.n, dis-
cussing what was reified in AoK,
in the hope that someone would
vouch for AoK with some Journal-
ist, which would enable that Journal-
ist to take the work I've done ser-
iously enough to meet with me, in-
person, where I could, then, provide
the Journalist with all he needed to
write a story that would allow NDT's
position to come-forward.

I've tried literally thousands of times,
on my own, but have always been
rebuffed -- because I've no standard

This is a very-Sorrowful circumstance,
in which superficialities are being el-
evated to a level of 'importance' that
exceeds information-content.

I couldn't acquire standard Credentials,
and do what needed to be done, so I
just did what needed to be done, and,
now, I'm told that NDT's stuff cannot
come-forward, because I've no stand-
ard Credentials.

Which is just more of the 'blind' Prejud-
ice that NDT's stuff stands-against.

So I came here, to b.n, in order to work-
through this 'difficulty', only to find that
folks, here in b.n, 'agree' that standard
Credentials are 'more-important' than
the fact that NDT solves very-many of
the problems that were outstanding in

Such doesn't compute, and leaves me

So, I ask again, this time explicitly,
Please, someone, work with me by
vouching for what's in AoK with some
Journalist, so that Journalist will be able
to see beyond my lack of standard Cre-
dentials, and will meet with me in order
to get NDT's position communicated,
first through that Journalist, and, subse-
quently, in normal Journal articles. As
things stand, I cannot get anything Re-
viewed at any Journal.

It seems a very-small thing to ask for,
relative to the stuff that I've shared,
here in b.n, and it's clear to me that, if
no one responds to this small request,
then there's something really broken
in the mix.

It's such a small request that I cannot
accept that there's no one who's will-
ing to just help me with it.

So, is there anyone who will vouch for
what's discussed in AoK, so I can get
through the door at some media outlet,
so that I can, then, get through the door
at Journals?

K. P. Collins

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