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> Yes, I recall that Roman Catholics prefer
> Peter to Paul, but in this instance you would
> be wise to listen to St. Paul.
> [...]

I'm named after him. Paul is my middle
name. Peter is my Confirmation name.

"Peter-Paul Almond Joy" was my Dad's
favirite candy bar. Still is mine, I take a
bite, and I Remember him, his Fire, and
all he did for our Family -- it's a little
Celebration of him :-]

I have to find a route to paper Publication,
in a standard Journal.

I won't do anything more 'online', except
maintain a 'presence' that satisfies my Ob-
ligation to not 'give-up'.

I need someone to help me open a door
to paper publication.

I've tried thousands of times -- to no

Hell, I'm 'famous' in those circles.

It's whence came most of my 'desperation'.
I knew that, if I sought publication, in the
normal way, and folks 'refused', then, when
folks found out what's in NDT, they'd be
'induced' to "feign ignorance", and that'd be

I've been so Dilligent that it seems there's
nowhere, in the realm of the paper media,
left for me to try.

So I'm hoping that, through another, the
"feigning of ignorance" can be "transcended".

It's a small hope.

Anyway, I don't submit the electronic ver-
sion of AoK for publication. It's only an
expedient with respect to individual requests.

ken [k. p. collins]

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