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John H. johnh at faraway.hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Mon Apr 26 20:41:00 EST 2004

The sun is high, your skin is dry. With no land in sight you paddle you
little canoe into the ocean and then wonder why no-one can hear your lament.

You know that standing up in a canoe is dangerous, keep an eye on the

20 years of the same strategy and no success. Hardly a creative endeavour.

If you persist in these behaviors your failure is assured. Your life will
come to naught and St. Peter will kick your ass.

Wake up before it is too late. The night is coming.

John H.

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> "David Longley" <David at longley.demon.co.uk> wrote in message
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> > [...]
> > I hope you're talking about [...]
> I'm talking about what happens
> to Innocent Human Beings, as a
> result of folks' 'moving away from'
> Truth with respect to how and why
> nervous systems process information
> via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-mini-
> mization.
> And, I'm talking about how, when
> such is done knowingly, such consti-
> tutes Murder, literally, as Murder is
> defined in Law.
> I have to talk about such, lest I co-
> operate in such.
> If all I can do is not co-operate in
> such, then that's all I can do, isn't
> it?
> Yup.
> So I do not co-operate in such.
> It's a Sorrow-filled 'day', during
> which this "line" is drawn.
> k. p. collins

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