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> 20 years of the same strategy and
> no success. Hardly a creative
> endeavour.
> [...]

30 'years'.

30 'years' of searching for someone
who'll just be a Human Being with me.

Instead of making 'playing games' a
"prerequisite" of Honoring Truth".

All I can do, in the matter of NTD's
and TH's understanding, is Honor Truth.

Otherwise, you'd probly find me pleasant
enough, John -- but, while we were enjoy-
ing each other's company, what Needs to be
done wouldn't get done.

It's the latter stuff that matters.

If it goes as you surmise it will, then that's
folks' Choice, and the Consequences in-
herent in folks' Choice will be the result
of their Choice.

I can only Choose for myself.

It's all anybody can do.

But some 'play the game' of "Dictator".

I Choose to continue to look for some-
one who'll interact with me as a Human
Being -- in-person.

k. p. collins

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