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What am I getting at in this thread?

The way that 'weasling' 'displaces'
Truth in folks' routine Choice.

Folks will not allow AoK to be
Published, and use my 'inability' go
get AoK Published as an 'excuse'
to run-rampant.

'hilarious', no?


But =Sorrowfully= 'hilarious.

2001-09-11 happened be-cause
folks Chose as above.

The train bombing in Spain hap-
pened be-cause folks Chose as

The War in Iraq happened be-
cause folks Chose as above.

The continuing Slaughter in the
Holy Land has happened, is hap-
pening, and will continue to happen
be-cause folks Chose, are Choosing,
and if folks continue to Choose as

The disintegration of Yugoslavia,
with all of it's Death, Destruction,
and enduring animosities happened
be-cause folks Chose as above.

More Ravaging of Humanity will
happen be-cause folks Chose as

So, it's Sorrowfully-'hilarious' that
folks Choose as above.

And it's all so Wimpy.

Folks 'think' that they can 'dictate'
to Truth through their Choice.

But Truth =IS=.

Truth does what it does =regardless=
of what anyone Chooses to do.

The best anyone can do is 'move to-
ward' Truth, understanding that,

Honor Truth, and Truth Honors you
right back.

And, be-cause of the way that the
reward mechanisms are integrated
within our nervous systems, Honor-
ing Truth is "Fun", even while doing
so Secures the Future - Nurtures
our Children, instead of relegating
them to being tossed on a 'sea' of

All of this is what I'm getting at in
this thread.

I'm getting at the fact that, when B. S.
reigns, Progress is rendered moot
through folks' Choice.

The 'weasling' 'prevaricating' 'way'
of actualizing Choice with respect to
Truth is the Ancient 'way' that's so
self-disclosing as being aligned against-
self -- so "inverted" [AoK, Ap4] --
that it's laughable.

Folks 'move away from' Truth, and,
then, 'expect' that they'll actually be
able to do anything?

It's 'hilarious', isn't it?


And the other thing that's really 'funny'
is that, in their 'inabilities' to reconcile
themselves to NDT's Honoring of Truth,
folks literally Confess their fielty with
'the beast', Abstract Ignorance - folks
literally Confess that they =Will= all of
the Destruction that's been happening
to happen -- folks invite it into their
Lives -- abdicate their Obligations to
their Children to 'the beast' -- and, in
their behavior, Confess that it's so.

Pretty 'funny', no?

Well, only Sorrowfully.

This 'way', in which folks 'weasle' all
over the place -- in which folks 'dance'
all around in order to maintain the Ancient
'blind' 'moving away from' Truth, is, well...

it's Pitiful.

That's what I'm getting at in this thread.

Folks, we're better than this.

We are Human Beings, not some species
of Jackasses that 'thinks' that Truth oc-
curs on the whims of 'wishful thinking' and
'deceptive machinations', as are all the rage
within the Beltway.

Truth =IS=.

And Truth is Merciless.

But, Honor Truth, and Truth Honors you
right back.

What is easier than that.



k. p. collins

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