How long will SSRI last in my brain?

minerva minervasparty at
Thu Aug 12 16:04:00 EST 2004

It's the first time I post something like this because I've always
found this argument too personal.
My situation is this:

I have begun taking Cipramil about 5 years ago, 20 mg pills for 8
months. In the beginnig it was ok, I could get asleep and I was
feeling good in general, maybe too good. Then it happend that I
couldn't get asleep, I was dizzy, and the first attacks of
depesonalization came. I remember that I stood up from my bed and my
body took a cup of coffee without my permission, this is the best way
I can describe it. My doc prescribed me Zyprexa, 10 mg a day and I was
doing good.

Then the surprise: I found I couldn't quit taking Zyprexa anymore.
Every time I tried I felt my brain was "frying". It's like you put
your brain on the electrodes of a huge battery.

It took me a lot to realize that the problem was Cipramil so I quit
cold turkey.
It was not easy, I was thinking about suicide for the half of the day
but my primordial instinct for survival won I guess.

It's almost 4 years now that I'm in this situation. I've managed to
reduce Zyprexa to 2.5 mg but my brain still fry. Zyprexa is like a
fresh glass of water in a desert for me. I can resist 3 day without it
but not more. It's impossible. I bet the strongest man in the world
couldn't take it.

The thing that I can't understand is how come that a drug that I was
taking 4 years ago is still present in my body.

How long will it last? If somebody tells me 10 more years it's ok, but
I need an answer.

Thank you

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