How long will SSRI last in my brain?

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Thu Aug 12 22:50:30 EST 2004

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>It's the first time I post something like this because I've always
>found this argument too personal.

don't worry about it...

>My situation is this:


>The thing that I can't understand is how come that a drug that I was
>taking 4 years ago is still present in my body.

it might not be the drug, but your system might have changed...

I know mine has, and some tolerable drugs I just won't touch now

>How long will it last? If somebody tells me 10 more years it's ok, but
>I need an answer.

well, you might go thru some more changes...  there are other
agents that work similar to Zyprexa, and you also must take into
account that drugs do not have the same reaction, for everyone

I know I can't take SSRIs, and I got to quit the SNRI since it is
becoming a mental drag, real-quick.  even different SSRIs
get a different response, but they all really suck, so, baggit!

find out what Zyprexa does, and look for an alternative, and
remember your system is dynamic, and will continue changing

I know someone who substituted Zyprexa for Halcion, and it worked

it wouldn't work in my instance; likely set me off major-bigtime!

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