How long will SSRI last in my brain?

minerva minervasparty at
Tue Aug 17 11:15:56 EST 2004

Thank you for your hints LA, but my problem is different now, it is
not depression but psychosis. I regret the times when I was depressed,
it was luxury in confront of what I'm going throught now.
Previour with the experience of Cipramil I nether know what psychosis
Now I get paranoid even when I smoke a cigarette in the dark.

Yes my doc was right I was depressed and the depression transformed
itself in psychosis and I know who to thank. The only thing left to
explain is how come I would climb a 40 floor building to get a pill of
antipsychotic, as far as I know no other psychotic, schizophrenic, or
paranoid person would do the same.

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