cumulative probability analysis

BilZ0r BilZ0r at
Tue Aug 17 22:12:57 EST 2004

So in the paper I'm reading, they're doing intraceullar voltage-clamp 
recording from a single CA1 pyramidal cell. The papers are looking at IPSCs 
induced by serotonin, and they have this "cumulative probability analysis" 
graph... well two of them. The both have "Cumulative Probability" on the Y 
axis, and one has "amplitude" on the X, the other has "interevent 

I figure that amplitude refers to the abilitude of the IPSC, but what is 
the cumulative probability and the interevent internal refering too? The 
cumulative probability of there being an IPSC of that amblitude? and what 
are the events, that the interevent internal, is an interval of?

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