cumulative probability analysis

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> BilZ0r, you've been asking a lot of questions about basic
> electrophysiology analysis methods lately. I recommend reading a
> spectacular (but short and very clear) book by Bernard Katz called
> "Nerve, Muscle and Synapse". This is hard to find but you might get a
> used copy on Amazon. It goes through the methodology of experiments
> and analysis of such things like Hodgkin-Huxley Equations, Quantal
> Analysis and so forth. A great explanation of the fundamental
> principles of electrical neuroscience, written by a genius and
> founding father of the field. This book should be handed out to
> neuroscience grad students on their first day of school (or
> undergraduate humanites majors, for that matter. It's so well written,
> they could probably learn a lot from it).
> Matt

Katz, that name certainly rings a bell. I just got through the first half 
of Bertile Hilles, Ion Channels of Excitatable membranes, I think that 
book hand many figures taken from Katz's work... in giant squid axons 

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