Ernest Borgnine is cognate with Ragnar Hairybreeks

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> >I think Ernest Borgnine is cognate with Ragnar Hairybreeks
> >
> care for a bratburger?
> --
> "I've had a total recalibration of my mind, you know. I mean, it's
> like, I've been banging my head against this 19th century type, um,
> what? Thought mode? Construct? Human construct? Well, the wall doesn't
> exist. It's not there, you know. I mean, they tell you, look for the
> light at the end of the tunnel. Well, there is no tunnel. There's just
> no structure. The underlying order is chaos."
> -Richard Linklater's "Slacker" (1991)

Yes, and his performance in "Highway Patrol" was outstanding.
The way those cruisers would melt into the horizon, deliquescing into the

Must have taken weeks to straighten out all those body-panels.


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