Some thoughts on truth and recognition

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Thu Dec 9 19:58:56 EST 2004

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| Does 'go away' seem in keeping with
| a desire to examine the universe, and see
| clearly the things and relationships in it?

1. I have a thing with respect to what
'secrecy' decalares about folks 'purpos-

2. Pseudo 'id's declare such.

3. The mapping of your posts discloses
that you are 'stalking' me.

4. I have a thing with respect to being

5. I have a thing with respect to B. S,
which is all 'you' do.

So, 'you' are 0 for 5.

Which is what I was trying to convey
to 'you', without saying anything that'd
be explicitly critical.

So, knock yourself out.

I'll 'go away' from 'you'.

And receive what's in my choice with
respect to Truth.

I'm used to it :-]

k. p. collins 

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