neuron connections

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Fri Dec 10 15:04:33 EST 2004

"Robert Briggs" <Trebor.Briggs at BITphysics.orgBUCKET> wrote in message
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> > I have a 'thing' about identity theft. Please do not post using my name.
> > is the second time I have brought this matter to your attention; if it
> > again, I will write to AT&T about it, and they will write you about it.
> AngleWyrm, I strongly suspect that the garbage has *not* come from
> Kenneth at all.
> The headers of Kenneth's article on my newsserver include:
>     Path:!uunet!\
>          !\
>          !!\
>          !!\
>          !!!\
>          !!\
>          !!wn13feed!\
>          !!53ab2750\
>          !not-for-mail
> It appears that either or (I would guess
> at the former) spotted that the article didn't come from where it
> claimed to have done.
> A quick (reverse) scan of that path suggests that (if it is true) the
> article started off in the USA, then made its way to Holland, then to
> Italy, then to Germany, then back to the USA.
> I guess such a routing is *possible*, but I think it more likely that
> everything from "" downwards is bogus.
> Try Googling for "HipCrime" or "Dipslime" -
> is getting all sorts of crud ATM.

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