neuron connections

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> AngleWyrm wrote:
> > I have a 'thing' about identity theft. Please do not post using my name.
> > is the second time I have brought this matter to your attention; if it
> > again, I will write to AT&T about it, and they will write you about it.
> AngleWyrm, I strongly suspect that the garbage has *not* come from
> Kenneth at all.

Then in that case, to Kenneth P. Collins, my apologies for suspecting intent
that was not present. Hope you can forgive the misunderstanding.

This reminds me of a day walking through the grocery store, when an item fell
off a shelf three paces behind me, well out of arm's reach. But I was the only
one in the aisle until that item fell. Then of course, someone came around the
corner, and there I was, the guilty party, with no recourse but to pick up the
item I had so 'obviously' bumped off a shelf. So, grumbling about poorly stacked
merchandise, I set it back on the shelf.

Don't know how to analyze the path property. Here is what my news server had to
say about the first such post:
attbi_s02 !attbi_slave12 !attbi_master11 !wns13feed !
! ! !
! ! !
! !tiscali ! !
! ! !
! !wns14feed ! !attbi_s54.POSTED
!53ab2750 !not-for-mail


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