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Purpose [was Re: Free Web Space for KPC]

k p Collins kpaulc at [----------]earthlink.net
Tue Feb 3 10:39:31 EST 2004

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> What's my purpose?
> I stand, with Honor, never having
> forsaken my Trust that Men and
> Women can meet to exchange
> understanding.
> I will so stand, and, in the end,
> folks'll be glad that I did.
> ken [K. P. Collins]

What's my purpose?

Do I actually expect anyone to say,
"OK, Ken, we'll meet with you to
go over NDT's principles"?


So, what's my purpose?

It's as it's always been.

I'm drawing folks' attentions to
ever-deeper stuff - exploring it -
because, when I explored it for
myself, I saw that it is the well-
spring of "man's inhumanity to
man", and saw, simultaneously,
that it had to be addressed,
Forthrightly, in the light-of-day,
if Humanity is to ever lift-itself-
up above its 'blindly'-automated

What is this Unworthy stuff?

I've been discussing it all along.

It's in the way that folks come to
'blindly'-and-automatically 'value'
that which has merely become
relatively-'familiar' - relatively-
TD E/I-minimized - within their

Explicitly, it's the way that folks
'blindly'-and-automatically 'color'
anything, and everything, within
their experiential 'realities' in ways
that do only =one= thing: sustain
that which is correlated with TD

When 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-
minimization so 'rules', folks 'blindly'-
and-automatically 'choose' Devas-
tation as the 'gift' that they'll pass
on as their Children's 'inheritance'.

And it doesn't matter if one comes
into their midsts, giving them the
means to lift-themselves-up above
such 'blindly'-automated Devastation.

Folks'll 'choose' the old, long-'familiar'
stuff, even though it leaves them
Ravaged, rather than 'accept' the
'new', relatively-'unfamiliar' stuff.

It's an =Ancient= Problem - an
Ancient 'pact' that 'humanity' has
made with itself - that Understanding
is 'impossible' - so anyone and any-
thing that brings Understanding is,
'blindly'-and-automatically, 'moved
away from', no matter who, or what,
it is.

It's 'funny' how this happens.

The Hallmark of the 'moving away
from' consists of all manner of 'pre-
varication' that does only one thing:
'move', in any 'direction' that is
'away from' that which countermands
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimiza-

When one looks, one sees, clearly,
that the energydynamics involved
constitute a 'classic' instance of
'unstable-equilibrium' in which any-
thing that's relatively-'unfamiliar' -
anything that's correlated to rela-
tively-non-minimized TD E/I - is
'blindly'-and-automatically 'moved
away from'.

It doesn't matter what it is.

100% of the 'decision' dynamics
pretaining to 'motion' with respect
to it derive, 'blindly'-and-automatic-
ally, solely in abstract TD E/I.

It's Simple.

The TD E/I(up) that's correlated
to the 'new' stuff exists as a 'repul-
sor', relative to the TD E/I(down)
that's correlated to anything other
than the 'new' stuff.

So folks tend, strongly, to be 'at-
tracted' to =anything= other than
the 'new' stuff - even when the
old, 'familiar' [relatively TD E/I-
minimized] stuff Kills their own

It's my Purpose to 'move toward'
Truth, inherent.

It's taken this long to push-energy
sufficiently to enable folks to see
The Problem.

I'll continue discussing later, after
I run some errands.

K. P. Collins

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