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> When one looks, one sees, clearly,
> that the energydynamics involved
> constitute a 'classic' instance of
> 'unstable-equilibrium' in which any-
> thing that's relatively-'unfamiliar' -
> anything that's correlated to rela-
> tively-non-minimized TD E/I - is
> 'blindly'-and-automatically 'moved
> away from'.
> [...]

This "'unstable equilibrium'" has been
in AoK all along - "zone of randomness',
AoK, Ap4.

Like a lot of other stuff in NDT, this
'unstable equilibrium' is "special" - be-
cause, as one gains experience with
respect to that which is relatively-'un-
familiar', the 'instability' 'disappers',
being replaced by stability - as that
which was 'unfamiliar' becomes 'fam-
iliar' - as the TD E/I-minimization
mechanisms transform TD E/I(up)
into TD E/I(down).

There's no 'magic' in it, and it's all
quite obvious, but folks commonly
interact in ways that are oblivious to
Truth inherent.

Folks'd rather Kill one another than
experience the 'unstable equilibrium'
become a stable equilibrium.

Anyway, don't be 'afraid' of this
'unstable equilibrium' - it's there, but
it's 'danger' is, typically, illusory.

Its dynamics evolved in prehistoric
epochs, and folks had just not seen
that they can be free of its dictates.

The cave-dweller within. Even though
all of the sabre-toothed tigers are
long-since 'gone away', folks still 'bow-
down' to it - 'moving away from' that
which is relatively-'unfamiliar' - even
though their nervous systems have
long-since become transcendent with
respect to it.


Today, it's functional with respect to
'startling' stuff - first responses to
large novelties, but folks still haven't
realized that it's just a servo mechanism -
that they 'feel danger', when they just
haven't looked-into that which they
'blindly'-and-automatically 'fear'.

The absence-of-understanding, inherent,
is what 'blindly'-and-automatically pre-
cipitates 'humanity's self-Ravaging.

The 'time' has come to 'move away from'
to this cave-dweller within, for it is
'volitionally' maintained, as is discussed
in AoK, Ap8 - the dynamics of inter-
active "inward spirals", in which the
external experiential reality becomes
increasingly-ignored, and the dynamics
of the illusory 'unstable equillibrium' -
the internal dynamics are increasingly-

Do 'you' see the 'Problem'?

How can Reality be worked-through
if it's 'ignored' in favor of attending to
the internal 'cave-dweller'?

It's been ~2000 'years' since Jesus
said, "Father, forgive them, for they
know not what they do", and folks
=still= don't get-it?

K. P. Collins

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