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Unstable->Stable Equilibrium Transitions

k p Collins kpaulc at [----------]earthlink.net
Fri Feb 6 00:47:14 EST 2004

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> As I've discussed, here in bionet.neuroscience,
> in the recent past [a few weeks back], all of this
> stuff is =passively= 'recorded in snowflakes'
> interplay of symmetry and asymmetry.
> [...]

The only difference between a snowflake and
a Human nervous system is that, in the nervous
system, the 'equivalent' of the 3-D energy-
dynamics that are =passively= 'recorded' in
snowflakes' interplay of symmetry and asym-
metry, is =actively= calculated in a topologic-
ally-multijective way, that, over the long term,
=always= 'climbs' WDB2T.

[Please don't 'buzz' me with respect to the
obvious differences between water's simple
and nervous systems' complex 3-D Chemistries.
In Tapered Harmony, they are both reduced
solely to WDB2T.]

This 'climbing' of WDB2T is what "Learning"

The "multijective-Topology" is what makes
it necessary to use the "TD E/I-minimization"

I've been discussing the same-stuff for more
than a decade here in b.n.

'painting the picture'.

The TD E/I-minimization mechanisms, as they
are discussed in AoK, are the embodiment of
"the only difference between a snowflake and
a Human nervous system". They enable the
nervous system to construct "biological mass"
[AoK, Ap5] that embodies [literally grasps]
particular ex-ternal experiential 3-D energy-
dynamics, in an ordered way.

The result is the ability to "Think" particular
"Thoughts", and to combine them in ordered
ways - all the while, aligning everything along
the "continuum of relative familiarities [AoK,

The only 'Difficulty' is that absence-of-under-
standing has left a "Tragic Flaw" within nerv-
ous system function.

But that's =Good= News, not 'bad', be-cause,
absence-of-understanding can be displaced
by understanding.

Lo and behold! When that happens, nervous
system function =Soars= to new heights!

So it's worth-the-energy.

K. P. COllins

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