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"Prisoner's Dilemma"

k p Collins kpaulc at [----------]earthlink.net
Fri Feb 6 01:25:25 EST 2004

"k p Collins" <kpaulc@[----------]earthlink.net> wrote in message
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> [...]

> Anyway, the =ONLY= thing that's in my asking to meet
> with folks in-person is my old-long-since Awareness that
> the Graphical Maths that I use does, in fact, leave folks'
> 'scratching-their-heads'. [Do 'you' understand? Not only
> do I not want to 'bash' anyone, or 'whine', or 'lament'
> anything, all I want to do is =GIVE= folks the means to
> understand. Gees 'louise'! I've been thinking about pur-
> chasing an Artist's outfit so I can 'paint folks a picture'.
> Look back on all of my 'whining', and filks'll see that it's
> been this Maths-translation stuff that I've been talking-
> about all along - =not= 'recriminations'. It's just been
> that I've known that, the more I do online, the more
> 'embarassing' it will be when folks finally get-it. I've
> =WANTED NOT= to 'embarass' anyone - because
> I've also understood that, if such gains precedence, then
> it'll tend to stand as a 'wall' in which all the 'doors' are
> closed and locked by 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-min-
> imization. Get it? I've been racing the slamming of the
> 'doors'.
> [...]

It's an Abstract instance of the "Prisoner's Dilemma".

"Abstract", be-cause I'm not trying to "maximize"
anything for my 'self'. What I'm working to accomp-
lish is 'blindly'-and-automatically 'moved away from'
be-cause nervous systems 'blindly'-and-automatically
'seek' TD E/I-minimization.

The more I discuss, without meeting with folks in-person,
the more unlikely it becomes that I'll ever be allowed
to meet with folks in-person.

It's my personal version of the "Prisoner's Dilemma",
and it's all been pretty-'hilarious' - watching folks'
'interpretations' of 'what it is' that I'm working to

A =lot= of folks 'think' it's "all about them", when the
only thing I'm working to accomplish with respect to
them is to Rescue them from 'the beast', "Abstract

Anyway, I've been 'walking the tightrope" with re-
spect to this personal version of the "Prisoner's
Dilemma" aall the while I've been posting here in

NDT's stuff is 'Difficult'.

Working through all of it =requires= the fullness
of in-person interactive dynamics.

But it's 'hilarious'.

The more I share online, the less-likely it becomes
that I'll be able to share the fullness of NDT :-|

No one, who hasn't experienced it first-hand,
can even begin to imagine what it's like to want-to-
Give, but being only 'moved away from'.

To have to 'live' with the possibility that folks'll
Choose not to receive-the-Gift, Knowing the
Consequences, inherent, for Innocents.

ken [K. P. Collins]

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