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Unstable->Stable Equilibrium Transitions

Peter F. effectivespamblock at ozemail.com.au
Fri Feb 6 07:03:15 EST 2004

"k p Collins" <kpaulc@[----------]earthlink.net> wrote in message
news:CTFUb.12106$jH6.11577 at newsread1.news.atl.earthlink.net...

> The only 'Difficulty' is that absence-of-under-
> standing has left a "Tragic Flaw" within nerv-
> ous system function.

Although healthy hopes and an optimistic outlooks can save the day/year or
most of a life, I know that the problem is more insidious, deeper and more
slippery, than just an "absence of [cognitive] understanding" that can be
remedied by proper training and teachings (or education).

"Selective unconsciousness" (subserved by a function, or functions, that I
like to refer to as "selective Hibernation") is a profound and by the force
of Darwinian logic inevitably naturally selected in (or evolved) in the
course of any phylogeny of fauna.

(I specify fauna, because it is with the relatively great mobility of
animals - relative to plants, fungi, or even eusocials - that this principle
has obtained its greatest explanatory relevance.)

That is, we have evolved to be insticntively inclined to handle being part
of 'biospherical reality' by way of Neurosis.

And, we are thus as a matter of a relatively simple principle.

(It may well be that I am just a freak of Nature in that I have come to
recognize and conceptualize this principle through a protective perceptual
screen of partly SEPTIC humour.)

> But that's =Good= News, not 'bad', be-cause,
> absence-of-understanding can be displaced
> by understanding.

Again, that is a very optimistic way of looking at the problem from a not
quite realistic angle.

> Lo and behold! When that happens, nervous
> system function =Soars= to new heights!

Most certainly!

E.g. an abstract cognitive "soaring into rational philosophical and/or
scientific air" within the language-dominant (e.g. scientific-minded
cognitively actention focusing) hemisphere. This kind of soaring can seen to
be partly caused by the neural dynamics (or even more widely considered
dynamics) involved in what may be realistically meant by "displacement".

That is, "displacement" can be thought of as resulting from a "rerouting" of
signals emmanating from (firing of the neurons that store) "primal pain" [by
me concEPTualized as CURSES - even to be alternatively spellt as
CCKHHURSES!] and from the fact that automatic habit/psychological addiction
forming reinforcement of focuses of actention (~Behaviours) that *masque*
(or that transform - by such signals being rerouted) the kinds of chronic
suffering (often manifest as anxiety) that flows from CURSES and the kinds
of environmental features in individual lives that as if "put" CURSES (or,
as per Janov, "primal pain" or "Pain") into the individual's Actention
Selection System (or brain) in the first place.

Rerouting (how I see it):
What takes place when *potentially* functionally and behaviourally
significant 'neural proximities' become *actually* functionally and
behaviourally significant through neural plasticity (e.g. through neural
sprouting) in the wake of combinations of, ON ONE HAND, pleasurably
stimulating (and most immediately trophic) and, ON THE OTHER HAND, 'presence
type' need negating (most immediately trophic) and 'absence type' need
negating (most immediately leading to atrophic neural consequences)
environmental factors of a physically inescapable and in-and-of-themselves
overloading character.

> So it's worth-the-energy.

That kind of energy is gratis! The problem is how to spend it! ;-)


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