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Unstable->Stable Equilibrium Transitions

k p Collins kpaulc at [----------]earthlink.net
Fri Feb 6 09:33:05 EST 2004

Hi Peter,

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> > The only 'Difficulty' is that absence-of-under-
> > standing has left a "Tragic Flaw" within nerv-
> > ous system function.
> Although healthy hopes and an optimistic outlooks
> can save the day/year or most of a life, I know that
> the problem is more insidious, deeper and more
> slippery, than just an "absence of [cognitive]
> understanding" that can be remedied by proper
> training and teachings (or education).

Most of what you've addressed occurs as a function
of there being the absence-of-understanding with re-
spect to how and why nervous systems process
information via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization.

Once this absence-of-understanding [AoK, "Short Paper";
"tuning-precision void"] is 'filled' with understanding,
the 'blind'-automation just 'goes away' [in exactly the
same way that's briefly discussed in the talking-to-unseen-
others-before-and-after-the-invention-of-radio example
that's given at the end of the "Short Paper" section of AoK.

There's no 'magic' in-it.

The understanding comes to exist within nervous systems,
and, when that happens, the 'negativity' of stuff that folks
formerly 'thought' 'meaningfully-indicates' this or that is
seen to correlate =only= with the 'blindly'-automated
problem-solving 'methods' that nervous systems use, =not=
this or that that's like a broken-record that's played since
the Beginning.

The difference is subtle, but Huge.

The "cognitive" understanding is with respect to nervous
system function, itself.

The TD E/I-minimization mechanisms that underpin the
"fight/flight" response whon't 'disappear', but their functioning
will become altered with respect to stuff like the 'blindly'-
automated "inward spirals [AoK, Ap8] that precipitate
the Ravages of War [This's where NDT's understanding
will have its first-impact upon Human behavioral dynamics,
BTW - because the costs of War are so Enormous, folks'll
Welcome anything that they can understand will work -
which is 'just' more TD E/I-minimization, but with the
'blind'-automation lifted, a bit. This'll happen as folks use
NDT's understanding to enable them to 'stand-back' from
the 'passions' that formerly augmented 'blindly'-and-auto-
matically, seeing them for what they actually are - 'blindly'-
automated 'servo-mechanisms' that are invoked =solely=
with respect to =Abstract= TD E/I - without any 'Absolute'
meaning that's Universal-among-Humans. And, as folks
come to comprehend this one thing, they'll begin to com-
prehend, ever-more-deeply, that the 'blindly'-automated
mechanisms act =in the stead= of Rational-Cognition, as
a 'guessing-mechanism' through which nervous systems
'gamble'-on-action, be-cause the particulars that would,
otherwise, enable Rational-Cognition are just not-there
to act-upon.

How it will happen is that word of the way the low-'level'
"supersystem configuration" mechanisms function will get-
out, people will study their functionality, and come to com-
prehend the information-processing 'purpose' of these
missing-data-'leaping' mechanisms, and see that ceding
control-of-behavior to them is =always= more-costly, and
a heck-of-a-lot-less-Fun than is exploring for the informa-
tion that's been missing.

All of the energy that's gone Wasted in folks giving them-
selves over to the dictates of this 'gambler'-within will,
instead, go into a 'competing' with respect to Discovering
the information that's been missing.

In other words, understanding of the information-proces-
sing roles of the low-'level' TD E/I-minimization mechan-
isms will transform their functionality from "be-struck"->
"strike" to "there's-information-missing"->"find-the-mis-
sing-information", and, where folks've Honored folks who've
behaved 'Heroically' during the Ravaging of War, folks'll
Honor folks who supply the information that's been missing.

Shortly after this first-thing [with respect to War] gets
under way, it will be accompanied by analogous dynamics
with respect to Economic considerations. The end result of
this Econ-thing will be that folks'll come to =want= each
other's Success, instead of 'competing' to 'deny' it to one
another. This sounds like 'pie-in-the-sky', but it's 'just'
energy-efficiency, and will become the Obvious thing to do
when the way that nervous system function 'hovers'-around
'climbing' WDB2T is understood. Folks'll realize that, the
more sucessful everyone is, the more sucessful anyone will

All of this stuff is completely-'hidden' in the absence-of-
understanding of how and why nervous systems process
information via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization,
but it's flat-out-Obvious when such is understood.

If it can't be 'seen', then the 'gambler'-within, with its in-
herently-Huge 'operating-costs' has to be ceeded control
of behavior. But, when this stuff can, in fact, be seen, then
the lower-cost-more-fun behavioral alternative becomes
the flat-out-Obvious thing to actualize.

And it will be so - to the degree that NDT's understanding
is, in fact, Communicated.

Shortly after the Econ-stuff begins to gain "behavioral inertia",
all manner of analogous stuff will get its start. If it can be
imagined, folks'll optimize their behavior, both with respect
to whatever it is that's 'imagined', and with respect to WDB2T.

The last thing is what's Important. It will be embodied in folks
understanding of the way that inflicting TD E/I(up) upon others,
=always= inflicts TD E/I(up) back upon themselves - so
criminality that seeks only 'self' will, through the understanding
of how and why nervous systems process information via TD E/I-
minimization, come to be Recognized for what it is - instead of
'blindly'-automated 'passion', folks'll Rationally seek to optimize
TD E/I-minimization all around. "The Golden Rule" will become
=The Rule=, as folks come to comprehend that what they want
done unto themselves is, in fact, TD E/I-minimization, and that
the way to 'get-theirs' is to actively assure that all others also
get-their TD E/I-minimization.

The =only= 'reason' that such seems to 'constitute wishful-thinking'
when first it's heard is that there've been millenia during which
'knowledge' with respect to 'human nature' have accumulated in
the absence-of-understanding with respect to how and why
nervous systems process information via 'blindly'-automated
TD E/I-minimization, so 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimiz-
ation 'blindly'-and-automatically 'burns-in' the old-long-since,
intergenerationally-handed-down stuff, and nervous systems
'blindly'-and-automatically 'think' it's 'the way things are supposed
to be', when it's =not=. All it is is what's become relatively-'familiar'
be-cause it's been experienced relatively-exclusively.

In the future, all of this stuff will be right-there, within folks'
Consciousnesses, to folks' mutual Benefit, during all interactive

Folks who 'think' this'll be "boring" just do not yet comprehend
the Nature of all the New stuff that's in-there.

One hundred 'years' after NDT's understanding comes-forward,
folks'll look back at our 'present times', as we, 'presently' look-
back at the cave dwellers.

Folks' jaws will hang down during discussions of the way folks,
in our 'time' treated one another.

They'll be Amazed that we so-Wasted our Living, and that we
'could-not' See all that they'll, matter-of-factly, See.]

> "Selective unconsciousness" (subserved by a
> function, or functions, that I like to refer to as
> "selective Hibernation") is a profound and by
> the force of Darwinian logic inevitably naturally
> selected in (or evolved) in the course of any
> phylogeny of fauna.

Nope, Peter. Evolutionary dynamics have
not so-encumbered Humanity.

Absence-of-understanding has.

Darwin fell short of the mark, because 'selection'
is directed with respect to WDB2T.

The difference is another thing that's subtle, but Huge.

Forgive my Disagreement, Please.

> (I specify fauna, because it is with the
> relatively great mobility of animals - relative
> to plants, fungi, or even eusocials - that this
> principle has obtained its greatest explanatory
> relevance.)
> That is, we have evolved to be insticntively
> inclined to handle being part of 'biospherical
> reality' by way of Neurosis.


Nope. The 'neurosis' is 'only' the funny way
absence-of-understanding with respect to how
and why nervous systems process information
via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization
leaves us looking.

Enormously-Beautiful stuff is built-right-into us,
but, Sadly, it went Unrecognized and Undiscovered.

That left us to the dictates of the 'blindly'-automated
'servo-mechanism' within, and that mechanism's
'guesswork' is all the 'neurosis' to which you refer.

[Don't 'snigger' at what you see of 'me'. The under-
standing's functionality is commensurate with the
generality of it's being held.

One who is 'alone' in the understanding still has to
deal with everyone else's being 'alone' in the absence-

My understanding doesn't 'magically' 'erase' other's
absence-of-understanding, nor the need to cope-
with the 'funny' stuff that folks' absence-of-under-
standing 'attracts' them to doing.

Understanding, including NDT's, happens within
individual nervous systems.]

> And, we are thus as a matter of a relatively
> simple principle.
> (It may well be that I am just a freak of Nature
> in that I have come to recognize and conceptualize
> this principle through a protective perceptual
> screen of partly SEPTIC humour.)
> > But that's =Good= News, not 'bad', be-cause,
> > absence-of-understanding can be displaced
> > by understanding.
> Again, that is a very optimistic way of looking at
> the problem from a not quite realistic angle.

It will be as I briefly outlined, above.

> >
> > Lo and behold! When that happens, nervous
> > system function =Soars= to new heights!
> >
> Most certainly!
> E.g. an abstract cognitive "soaring into rational
> philosophical and/or scientific air" within the
> language-dominant (e.g. scientific-minded
> cognitively actention focusing) hemisphere.

Within the globally-integrated nervous system.

The 'this-hemisphere-does-this-and-the-other-
hemisphere-does-that' stuff is an =artifact= with
respect to what's left after 'splitting' the brain.

That is, 'absent' communication between the
hemispheres, TD E/I-minimization occurs relatively-
independently 'within' each hemisphere.

But, in 'normal', globally-integrated nervous systems,
TD E/I-minimization occurs in a globally-integrated
way - which is 'just' more TD E/I-minimization.

The 'functional-parcelization' that occurs as an =arti-
fact= in "split-brains" reflects =only= the fact that, in
intact 'normal' nervous systems, TD E/I-minimization
is, in fact, globally-integrated. Processing that can be
performed most-efficiently, with respect to the nervous
systems "internal frame of reference", when it's allocated
[via "supersystem configuration"] to this or that 'area',
is 'blindly'-and-automatically allocated to that 'area',
so that the information-processing capacities of other
'areas' can be allocated to other information-processing

But, when the 'normally'-globally-integrated TD E/I-
minimization dynamics are 'split', =of course= the
TD E/I-minimization mechanisms that are local to each
hemisphere act to achieve TD E/I-minimization with
respect to 'only' that hemisphere.

All this discloses is the fact of the =overall= TD E/I-
minimizations functionality-allocation Efficiencies.

It's an =artifact=, meaningless in and of itself.

[An exceedingly-rich topic for discussion, BTW. BTW,
too, my use of single quotes in the paragraphs discussing
the "split-brain" stuff is because the brain stem remains
'normal', constituting a round-about [relatively slow and
weak] route through which the hemispheres can garner
information with respect to each other's 'separated' TD
E/I-minimization dynamics.]

> This kind of soaring can seen to be partly caused
> by the neural dynamics (or even more widely considered
> dynamics) involved in what may be realistically meant
> by "displacement".
> That is, "displacement" can be thought of as resulting
> from a "rerouting" of signals emmanating from (firing of
> the neurons that store) "primal pain" [by me concEPT-
> ualized as CURSES - even to be alternatively spellt as
> CCKHHURSES!] and from the fact that automatic
> habit/psychological addiction forming reinforcement of
> focuses of actention (~Behaviours) that *masque*
> (or that transform - by such signals being rerouted) the
> kinds of chronic suffering (often manifest as anxiety) that
> flows from CURSES and the kinds of environmental
> features in individual lives that as if "put" CURSES (or,
> as per Janov, "primal pain" or "Pain") into the individual's
> Actention Selection System (or brain) in the first place.

I don't argue that nothing that can be termed "displacement"
occurs within nervous system's information-processing

It's just that it's 'just' more of the 'blindly'-automated
'guesswork' that I discussed above.

It's =always= the by-product of =groupwise= TD E/I-

One person 'clings' to that which is 'familiar' to him,
and says that the other person is "displacing" with
respect to him, and vice versa.

But, in the absence-of-understanding with respect to
how and why nervous systems process information via
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization, it's all 'just' a
'blindly'-automated 'shuffling' of the groupwise TD E/I-
minimization dynamics in ways that 'blindly'-and-auto-
matically 'seek' to achieve greatest TD E/I(down).

So, in the end, that which has been referred to as
"displacement" is =nothing= other than a 'blindly'-
automated 'power'-struggle, which is Sorrowfully-

> -----
> Rerouting (how I see it):
> What takes place when *potentially* functionally
> and behaviourally significant 'neural proximities'
> become *actually* functionally and behaviourally
> significant through neural plasticity (e.g. through
> neural sprouting) in the wake of combinations of,
> ON ONE HAND, pleasurably stimulating (and
> most immediately trophic) and, ON THE OTHER
> HAND, 'presence type' need negating (most
> immediately trophic) and 'absence type' need
> negating (most immediately leading to atrophic
> neural consequences) environmental factors of
> a physically inescapable and in-and-of-themselves
> overloading character.

See the four "general affective inversion categories"
that are discussed in AoK, Ap4, "inverting" and "True
reward", and it's metering-out by the hippocampus,
with amygdalar "priming", as it applies to "front-
center attention", in AoK, Ap5.

More 'servo-mechanisms' within globally-integrated
TD E/I-minimization.

> ------
> > So it's worth-the-energy.
> That kind of energy is gratis! The problem is how
> to spend it! ;-)
> P

I spend it Freely, as my external experiential 3-D
energydynamics permit :-]

[Thank You, Peter, for giving me such that has
allowed me to discuss a lot of new-to-others stuff
in this reply to your post.]

Cheers, ken [k. p. collins]

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