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Unstable->Stable Equilibrium Transitions

k p Collins kpaulc at [----------]earthlink.net
Fri Feb 6 10:15:19 EST 2004

A few brief comments added below.

"k p Collins" <kpaulc@[----------]earthlink.net> wrote in message
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> Hi Peter,
> "Peter F." <effectivespamblock at ozemail.com.au> wrote in message
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> >
> > "k p Collins" <kpaulc@[----------]earthlink.net> wrote in message
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> >
> > > The only 'Difficulty' is that absence-of-under-
> > > standing has left a "Tragic Flaw" within nerv-
> > > ous system function.
> >
> > Although healthy hopes and an optimistic outlooks
> > can save the day/year or most of a life, I know that
> > the problem is more insidious, deeper and more
> > slippery, than just an "absence of [cognitive]
> > understanding" that can be remedied by proper
> > training and teachings (or education).
> Most of what you've addressed occurs as a function
> of there being the absence-of-understanding with re-
> spect to how and why nervous systems process
> information via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization.
> Once this absence-of-understanding [AoK, "Short Paper";
> "tuning-precision void"] is 'filled' with understanding,
> the 'blind'-automation just 'goes away' [in exactly the
> same way that's briefly discussed in the talking-to-unseen-
> others-before-and-after-the-invention-of-radio example
> that's given at the end of the "Short Paper" section of AoK.
> There's no 'magic' in-it.
> The understanding comes to exist within nervous systems,
> and, when that happens, the 'negativity' of stuff that folks
> formerly 'thought' 'meaningfully-indicates' this or that is
> seen to correlate =only= with the 'blindly'-automated
> problem-solving 'methods' that nervous systems use, =not=
> this or that that's like a broken-record that's played since
> the Beginning.
> The difference is subtle, but Huge.
> The "cognitive" understanding is with respect to nervous
> system function, itself.
> The TD E/I-minimization mechanisms that underpin the
> "fight/flight" response whon't 'disappear', but their functioning
> will become altered with respect to stuff like the 'blindly'-
> automated "inward spirals [AoK, Ap8] that precipitate
> the Ravages of War [This's where NDT's understanding
> will have its first-impact upon Human behavioral dynamics,
> BTW - because the costs of War are so Enormous, folks'll
> Welcome anything that they can understand will work -
> which is 'just' more TD E/I-minimization, but with the
> 'blind'-automation lifted, a bit. This'll happen as folks use
> NDT's understanding to enable them to 'stand-back' from
> the 'passions' that formerly augmented 'blindly'-and-auto-
> matically, seeing them for what they actually are - 'blindly'-
> automated 'servo-mechanisms' that are invoked =solely=
> with respect to =Abstract= TD E/I - without any 'Absolute'
> meaning that's Universal-among-Humans. And, as folks
> come to comprehend this one thing, they'll begin to com-
> prehend, ever-more-deeply, that the 'blindly'-automated
> mechanisms act =in the stead= of Rational-Cognition, as
> a 'guessing-mechanism' through which nervous systems
> 'gamble'-on-action, be-cause the particulars that would,
> otherwise, enable Rational-Cognition are just not-there
> to act-upon.

Which is what folks've been Acknowledging happened
with respect to Iraq, for instance.

> How it will happen is that word of the way the low-'level'
> "supersystem configuration" mechanisms function will get-
> out, people will study their functionality, and come to com-
> prehend the information-processing 'purpose' of these
> missing-data-'leaping' mechanisms, and see that ceding
> control-of-behavior to them is =always= more-costly, and
> a heck-of-a-lot-less-Fun than is exploring for the informa-
> tion that's been missing.

Which is what folks've been Acknowledging =didn't happen
with respect to Iraq, for instance.

> All of the energy that's gone Wasted in folks giving them-
> selves over to the dictates of this 'gambler'-within will,
> instead, go into a 'competing' with respect to Discovering
> the information that's been missing.

Which is what folks've been Acknowledging =didn't happen
with respect to Iraq, for instance.

> In other words, understanding of the information-proces-
> sing roles of the low-'level' TD E/I-minimization mechan-
> isms will transform their functionality from "be-struck"->
> "strike" to "there's-information-missing"->"find-the-mis-
> sing-information", and, where folks've Honored folks who've
> behaved 'Heroically' during the Ravaging of War, folks'll
> Honor folks who supply the information that's been missing.
> Shortly after this first-thing [with respect to War] gets
> under way, it will be accompanied by analogous dynamics
> with respect to Economic considerations. The end result of
> this Econ-thing will be that folks'll come to =want= each
> other's Success, instead of 'competing' to 'deny' it to one
> another. This sounds like 'pie-in-the-sky', but it's 'just'
> energy-efficiency, and will become the Obvious thing to do
> when the way that nervous system function 'hovers'-around
> 'climbing' WDB2T is understood. Folks'll realize that, the
> more sucessful everyone is, the more sucessful anyone will
> be.
> All of this stuff is completely-'hidden' in the absence-of-
> understanding of how and why nervous systems process
> information via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization,
> but it's flat-out-Obvious when such is understood.
> If it can't be 'seen', then the 'gambler'-within, with its in-
> herently-Huge 'operating-costs' has to be ceeded control
> of behavior. But, when this stuff can, in fact, be seen, then
> the lower-cost-more-fun behavioral alternative becomes
> the flat-out-Obvious thing to actualize.
> And it will be so - to the degree that NDT's understanding
> is, in fact, Communicated.
> Shortly after the Econ-stuff begins to gain "behavioral inertia",
> all manner of analogous stuff will get its start. If it can be
> imagined, folks'll optimize their behavior, both with respect
> to whatever it is that's 'imagined', and with respect to WDB2T.
> The last thing is what's Important. It will be embodied in folks
> understanding of the way that inflicting TD E/I(up) upon others,
> =always= inflicts TD E/I(up) back upon themselves - so
> criminality that seeks only 'self' will, through the understanding
> of how and why nervous systems process information via TD E/I-
> minimization, come to be Recognized for what it is - instead of
> 'blindly'-automated 'passion', folks'll Rationally seek to optimize
> TD E/I-minimization all around. "The Golden Rule" will become
> =The Rule=, as folks come to comprehend that what they want
> done unto themselves is, in fact, TD E/I-minimization, and that
> the way to 'get-theirs' is to actively assure that all others also
> get-their TD E/I-minimization.
> The =only= 'reason' that such seems to 'constitute wishful-thinking'
> when first it's heard is that there've been millenia during which
> 'knowledge' with respect to 'human nature' have accumulated in
> the absence-of-understanding with respect to how and why
> nervous systems process information via 'blindly'-automated
> TD E/I-minimization, so 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimiz-
> ation 'blindly'-and-automatically 'burns-in' the old-long-since,
> intergenerationally-handed-down stuff, and nervous systems
> 'blindly'-and-automatically 'think' it's 'the way things are supposed
> to be', when it's =not=. All it is is what's become relatively-'familiar'
> be-cause it's been experienced relatively-exclusively.
> In the future, all of this stuff will be right-there, within folks'
> Consciousnesses, to folks' mutual Benefit, during all interactive
> dynamics.
> Folks who 'think' this'll be "boring" just do not yet comprehend
> the Nature of all the New stuff that's in-there.
> One hundred 'years' after NDT's understanding comes-forward,
> folks'll look back at our 'present times', as we, 'presently' look-
> back at the cave dwellers.
> Folks' jaws will hang down during discussions of the way folks,
> in our 'time' treated one another.
> They'll be Amazed that we so-Wasted our Living, and that we
> 'could-not' See all that they'll, matter-of-factly, See.]
> > "Selective unconsciousness" (subserved by a
> > function, or functions, that I like to refer to as
> > "selective Hibernation") is a profound and by
> > the force of Darwinian logic inevitably naturally
> > selected in (or evolved) in the course of any
> > phylogeny of fauna.
> Nope, Peter. Evolutionary dynamics have
> not so-encumbered Humanity.
> Absence-of-understanding has.
> Darwin fell short of the mark, because 'selection'
> is directed with respect to WDB2T.
> The difference is another thing that's subtle, but Huge.
> Forgive my Disagreement, Please.
> > (I specify fauna, because it is with the
> > relatively great mobility of animals - relative
> > to plants, fungi, or even eusocials - that this
> > principle has obtained its greatest explanatory
> > relevance.)
> >
> > That is, we have evolved to be insticntively
> > inclined to handle being part of 'biospherical
> > reality' by way of Neurosis.
> :-]
> Nope. The 'neurosis' is 'only' the funny way
> absence-of-understanding with respect to how
> and why nervous systems process information
> via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization
> leaves us looking.
> Enormously-Beautiful stuff is built-right-into us,
> but, Sadly, it went Unrecognized and Undiscovered.
> That left us to the dictates of the 'blindly'-automated
> 'servo-mechanism' within, and that mechanism's
> 'guesswork' is all the 'neurosis' to which you refer.
> [Don't 'snigger' at what you see of 'me'. The under-
> standing's functionality is commensurate with the
> generality of it's being held.
> One who is 'alone' in the understanding still has to
> deal with everyone else's being 'alone' in the absence-
> of-understanding.
> My understanding doesn't 'magically' 'erase' other's
> absence-of-understanding, nor the need to cope-
> with the 'funny' stuff that folks' absence-of-under-
> standing 'attracts' them to doing.
> Understanding, including NDT's, happens within
> individual nervous systems.]
> > And, we are thus as a matter of a relatively
> > simple principle.
> >
> > (It may well be that I am just a freak of Nature
> > in that I have come to recognize and conceptualize
> > this principle through a protective perceptual
> > screen of partly SEPTIC humour.)
> >
> >
> > > But that's =Good= News, not 'bad', be-cause,
> > > absence-of-understanding can be displaced
> > > by understanding.
> >
> > Again, that is a very optimistic way of looking at
> > the problem from a not quite realistic angle.
> It will be as I briefly outlined, above.
> > >
> > > Lo and behold! When that happens, nervous
> > > system function =Soars= to new heights!
> > >
> >
> > Most certainly!
> >
> > E.g. an abstract cognitive "soaring into rational
> > philosophical and/or scientific air" within the
> > language-dominant (e.g. scientific-minded
> > cognitively actention focusing) hemisphere.
> Within the globally-integrated nervous system.
> The 'this-hemisphere-does-this-and-the-other-
> hemisphere-does-that' stuff is an =artifact= with
> respect to what's left after 'splitting' the brain.
> That is, 'absent' communication between the
> hemispheres, TD E/I-minimization occurs relatively-
> independently 'within' each hemisphere.
> But, in 'normal', globally-integrated nervous systems,
> TD E/I-minimization occurs in a globally-integrated
> way - which is 'just' more TD E/I-minimization.
> The 'functional-parcelization' that occurs as an =arti-
> fact= in "split-brains" reflects =only= the fact that, in
> intact 'normal' nervous systems, TD E/I-minimization
> is, in fact, globally-integrated. Processing that can be
> performed most-efficiently, with respect to the nervous
> systems "internal frame of reference", when it's allocated
> [via "supersystem configuration"] to this or that 'area',
> is 'blindly'-and-automatically allocated to that 'area',
> so that the information-processing capacities of other
> 'areas' can be allocated to other information-processing
> demands.
> But, when the 'normally'-globally-integrated TD E/I-
> minimization dynamics are 'split', =of course= the
> TD E/I-minimization mechanisms that are local to each
> hemisphere act to achieve TD E/I-minimization with
> respect to 'only' that hemisphere.
> All this discloses is the fact of the =overall= TD E/I-
> minimizations functionality-allocation Efficiencies.

> [The 'this-hemisphere-does-this-and-the-other- <---
> hemisphere-does-that' stuff is] an =artifact=. The
functional 'parcelization' ["supersystem configuration"
allocation is, otherwise, meaningless in and of itself.

'Language', for instance, typically gets allocated to
the left hemisphere because the dominant hand is
usually the right-hand, and, as I've discussed recently,
in long-former posts, and In AoK, Ap5, having
'language' allocated to the hand-dominant hemisphere
optimizes "dynamic subordinate coupling" and
sensory/motor "templating", mismatch-detection,
and Cognition itself.

It's all 'just' more TD E/I-minimization, =not= some
'mysteriously'-occurring functional-distribution "that
we do not yet understand".


All of this is flat-out-obvious in the plastic-
redistribution of functionality following relatively-
early brain injury. [I've already Verified it, but it
can be Tested in animals, and will be Verified
when it is so Tested. Of course, there are subtlties
inherent in determining the "handedness" ['paw-ness']
of rats, but there're no show-stoppers in these
subtlties [and much new-insight to be gained through
the doing of the Testing experiments].


> [An exceedingly-rich topic for discussion, BTW. BTW,
> too, my use of single quotes in the paragraphs discussing
> the "split-brain" stuff is because the brain stem remains
> 'normal', constituting a round-about [relatively slow and
> weak] route through which the hemispheres can garner
> information with respect to each other's 'separated' TD
> E/I-minimization dynamics.]
> > This kind of soaring can seen to be partly caused
> > by the neural dynamics (or even more widely considered
> > dynamics) involved in what may be realistically meant
> > by "displacement".
> >
> > That is, "displacement" can be thought of as resulting
> > from a "rerouting" of signals emmanating from (firing of
> > the neurons that store) "primal pain" [by me concEPT-
> > ualized as CURSES - even to be alternatively spellt as
> > CCKHHURSES!] and from the fact that automatic
> > habit/psychological addiction forming reinforcement of
> > focuses of actention (~Behaviours) that *masque*
> > (or that transform - by such signals being rerouted) the
> > kinds of chronic suffering (often manifest as anxiety) that
> > flows from CURSES and the kinds of environmental
> > features in individual lives that as if "put" CURSES (or,
> > as per Janov, "primal pain" or "Pain") into the individual's
> > Actention Selection System (or brain) in the first place.
> I don't argue that nothing that can be termed "displacement"
> occurs within nervous system's information-processing
> dynamics.
> It's just that it's 'just' more of the 'blindly'-automated
> 'guesswork' that I discussed above.
> It's =always= the by-product of =groupwise= TD E/I-
> minimization.
> One person 'clings' to that which is 'familiar' to him,
> and says that the other person is "displacing" with
> respect to him, and vice versa.
> But, in the absence-of-understanding with respect to
> how and why nervous systems process information via
> 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization, it's all 'just' a
> 'blindly'-automated 'shuffling' of the groupwise TD E/I-
> minimization dynamics in ways that 'blindly'-and-auto-
> matically 'seek' to achieve greatest TD E/I(down).
> So, in the end, that which has been referred to as
> "displacement" is =nothing= other than a 'blindly'-
> automated 'power'-struggle, which is Sorrowfully-
> 'hilarious'.
> > -----
> > Rerouting (how I see it):
> > What takes place when *potentially* functionally
> > and behaviourally significant 'neural proximities'
> > become *actually* functionally and behaviourally
> > significant through neural plasticity (e.g. through
> > neural sprouting) in the wake of combinations of,
> > ON ONE HAND, pleasurably stimulating (and
> > most immediately trophic) and, ON THE OTHER
> > HAND, 'presence type' need negating (most
> > immediately trophic) and 'absence type' need
> > negating (most immediately leading to atrophic
> > neural consequences) environmental factors of
> > a physically inescapable and in-and-of-themselves
> > overloading character.
> See the four "general affective inversion categories"
> that are discussed in AoK, Ap4, "inverting" and "True
> reward", and it's metering-out by the hippocampus,
> with amygdalar "priming", as it applies to "front-
> center attention", in AoK, Ap5.
> More 'servo-mechanisms' within globally-integrated
> TD E/I-minimization.
> > ------
> >
> > > So it's worth-the-energy.
> >
> > That kind of energy is gratis! The problem is how
> > to spend it! ;-)
> >
> > P
> I spend it Freely, as my external experiential 3-D
> energydynamics permit :-]
> [Thank You, Peter, for giving me such that has
> allowed me to discuss a lot of new-to-others stuff
> in this reply to your post.]
> Cheers, ken [k. p. collins]

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