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'Free' energy

k p Collins kpaulc at [----------]earthlink.net
Fri Feb 6 13:52:54 EST 2004

"Turning wasted heat into a power source

By Peter N. Spotts | Staff writer of The
Christian Science Monitor"


Quoting from the =Christian Science Monitor= Article:

"But the hopes for more widespread use
proved elusive. The field got a boost
in the 1990s when researchers found
that the performance of the material
increased when it shrank in size. So
they developed devices that used thin
films of the material.


But for large-scale applications,
`there's a big need for bulk materials,'
Kanatzidis says, "because thin films
are hard to make and expensive."

It doesn't work in-bulk for reasons that
I discussed in the Generalized-Proof of
Tapered Harmony - the SSW<->UES harmonics'
'feeling' of the UES is 'blocked' in bulk
preparations, and their resultant asym-
metries are too-uniformly-graded [be-
cause of the bulk-preparations inherently-
relatively-graded UES-flow.

They need to 'foam-it-up' to maximize
the surface-area - to macroscopically
'simulate' the volume/surface-area ratio
that's disclosed in the "Compton Refrac-
tion" QBASIC[tm] app, preferably in a
way that cascades the foam-thickness
[Hard-to-do, unless some self-assembly
technique is developed], and switches
the applied energy-flow in a way that
'simulates' the NL-P [thick volume feed-
ing into successively-smaller volumes
that are energy-evacuated relative to
the next-thickest, priorly-energized

And the whole setup must resonate with
the UES.

Early versions will probably blow-up,
but, if the energy-extraction is 'timed'
in accord with the NL-P, the power-gener-
ation will tap-right-into the UES.

Up to WDB2T, Free energy.

"One step closer to superconductors

By Peter N. Spotts | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor"


Quoting from the =Christian Science Monitor= Article:

"Since the late '80s, `our knowledge of
the materials involved has grown
tremendously,' says Los Alamos's Dr. Maley.
`But it's still pretty murky. There are two
or three competing theories, but none match
the whole array of experimental data.'"

I started discussing Tapered Harmony's
stuff, online, in 1988.

"Coincidence" ...?

k. p. collins

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