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Formal Challenge

k p Collins kpaulc at [----------]earthlink.net
Sat Feb 7 19:51:14 EST 2004

"NMF" <nm_fournier at ns.sympatico.ca> wrote in message
news:aiXUb.12729$ZN1.680808 at news20.bellglobal.com...
> HAHAHA I agree.  Good luck on pursuing
> your theories.  (honestly).  And keep
> on trying to get your manuscript published.
> Do NOT give up on that.

I expect that I'll not give-up.

I expect I'll just Die, without anything
changing between 'now' and then.

The 'stock market': folks've been
ripping-off this or that in the work
I've done, in efforts to seek 'profits'.

Because of all that's involved, such
Theft [the Rights of a Citizen's with
respect to his labors are Guaranteed
by The Constitution of The United
States of America - so the Offense
is Federal], also constitutes Murder
on a massive scale.

It's why I can't 'pass gas' without
'upsetting' the 'stock market'.

In the 'present' instance, the 'profit'-
seekers breathed a 'sigh of relief'
because they were 'afraid' that folks
were about to 'open-the-door' to
NDT's stuff [perhaps the Templeton
Award which will be announced
next month], but because I reacted
'strongly' when I saw you coming,
on False 'premises', the 'stock mar-
ket' 'decided' that I'd blown my

With respect to the False 'premises' -
your request for 'data' - everyone
who's been following my discussions
knows that it's 'impossible' for me to
respond to such a query in any way
that any casual observer can follow
[when my response is other than in-
person, as is the case in a NG dis-
cussion]. The reason for this 'impos-
sibility' is Simple. I read, and synth-
esized =all= the data that I could get
my hands on, which means that =each=
thing in NDT is in-there because of
=thousands= of datasets.

If I were to begin to discuss any one
thing in NDT, exhaustively discussing
'the data', no one would remain inter-
ested beyond the first week or so.

It took nine 'years' of work more
intense than I've ever heard of anyone
else doing. [This isn't a 'boast'. When
I realized what was at stake, I drove
myself as if the Survival of Humanity
depended upon the work I was doing -
be-cause it does.]

It's why, when someone asks for 'the
data', I only 'groan', and then do as
I've done with respect to your 'request' -
give folks all the Neuroscience Libraries
in the world, from which they can select

The 'point' being that, in the case of NDT,
'the data' is everything there is.

I've has the same Formal Challenge be-
fore the COmmunity of Scientists for
more than twenty years.

It's 'curious' to me that no one ever

Yet there's been this False 'premise'
about 'the data' hanging over my head
like the sword of Damicles.

It's 'funny'.

Naive folks always lend credence to
the False 'premise'.

Which is 'why' the 'stock market'
breathed a sigh of relief yesterday.

And why, when I saw you coming-on
I expressed my Disgust with respect
to what you were doing.

It doesn't matter how I respond.

'powerful' folks are 'determined' to
keep 'me' Imprisoned, no matter what
'I' do.

[Oh, I 'could' 'move away from' Truth -
Lie like a Jackass to 'save my life' -
[which is the way the 'powerful' folks
go about their 'living'] but everyone
knows that I 'move toward' Truth.

So, to me, it's all Sorrowfully-'hilarious'.

Truth Is.

Truth does what it does, despite what
anyone does.

And the 'powerful' folks will see that
it's so.

K. P. Collins

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