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Unstable->Stable Equilibrium Transitions

k p Collins kpaulc at [----------]earthlink.net
Sat Feb 7 20:39:25 EST 2004

"Peter F." <effectivespamblock at ozemail.com.au> wrote in message
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> "k p Collins" <kpaulc@[----------]earthlink.net> wrote in message
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> > Some of the collective TD E/I(up)
> > is 'good', be-cause such enables
> > 'keenness' with respect to getting-
> > to-work.
> By the above text you seem to be distinctly
> touching on what I sometimes express as
> "eustressful AEVASIVE preoccupations".
> (One of which is my, to me sometimes
> hilarious, "SEPTIC humour"; and another,
> of which, is you formulating your largely
> eustressful thinking in terms of NDT, Tapered
> Harmony, and so forth.

As is often the case, I'm not sure I under-
stand your position, but if by, "eustressful",
you mean responding to one's awareness
of what needs to be done [which is ex-
plained in AoK, Ap7], then, "Yeah".

I wrote about this stuff in AoK's "Short
Paper" section:

Begin quote.
    When  I  realized  that  it is
    probable that such an inertial dynamic is responsible for the
    facts  that  animals  do  ubiquitously defend the territories
    with which they  have become familiar,  that street gangs  do
    defend their familiar "turf", that people who have matured in
    states of poverty and abuse do consistently tend to linger on
    in their familiar states even though they are horrible,  that
    nations do  arm themselves  to the  limits of  their national
    treasures so that they  can attempt to defend  their familiar
    territory,  and  that  the  armaments  thus  applied  include
    nuclear weapons that threaten the continued existence of life
    on Earth, the search for this inertial dynamic intensified.
End quote.

One can do a lot when one Realizes that
there's a Need to do a lot.

> > But, when I look-around, I don't
> > see anyone willing to broach the
> > topic of NDT's understanding.
> I can see that some potentially finalizing
> realism is creeping into your thinking! %-|

=Reality= is, Peter, that it's all 'just' Prejudice
toward the familiar, as it's discussed in AoK.

Folks'll Realize that, as long as they 'refuse'
to deal with NDT's stuff, they are, through
their own behavior, Acknowledging Truth
that's reified in NDT.

I've been wanting to spare folks the 'em-
barassment' inherent. My comment in the
prior msg, quoted above, was with respect
to the fact that it's become apparent that, no
matter what I do, I can not spare folks the

Of course, folks'll continue to 'move away
from' Truth, and Truth will do what it does,

It's a 'thermodynamic' [an energydynamic]
around which there is no way.

What it means for me is that I'll be Murdered.

"Oh well."

> > So, how can getting-to-work
> > get-started?
> Here, dear Ken, is a nothing but friendly
> suggestion:
> Try getting to the bottom of your own, and
> *most important* individual motivations.

If you're talking about the way I've insisted
on meeting with folks in-person [limiting what
I do online], it's be-cause I've wanted to spare
folks 'embarassment' [It's not entirely 'altruistic' -
because I've understood, all along, that if I 'em-
barassed' folks, folks'd just 'bury' me.

> (If you do, you can look back at your
> own "love of Jesus" with truely insightful
> affection and understanding -- and still retain
> all of the theoretical worth/mass that you
> have achieved.)

You've lost me, Peter.

I don't have to "look back" at my Love of
Jesus. It's strong, and ever-present in my Life.

So, please, discuss this one point of yours.

I want to Understand what you are saying.

If you're talking about actions I've taken
recently, and saying that, in them, I 'forgot
Jesus', it isn't so.

Jesus never 'denied' Truth, even though He
Knew what's entailed in not 'moving away
from' Truth.

Folks work at inducing me to 'move away
from' Truth, and I 'move toward' Truth,

Truth Is.

Truth does what it does despite what anyone

Look around, and you'll see that the well-
spring of the Mess that's spread throughout
Humanity is folks' 'moving away from' Truth.

Folks've been Lying to one another so Pro-
fusely that 'they' cannot see Truth when it's

And Truth does what it does despite what
anyone does.

Imagine what Truth will do in the midst of
the Disorder that's been brought into Being
by folks' 'moving away from' Truth.

It's Sorrowful.

ken [K. P. Collins]

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