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An electrophysiology quesiton

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Mon Feb 9 14:38:33 EST 2004

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> To get a Firm-Grasp on it, Study the dynamics
> of the "Wheatstone Bridge", and "Analog Comp-
> uters". It's all exceedingly-straight-forward stuff
> [and a lot of Fun, besides. I got my start in-it as
> a Child, working with the kits that I'd ordered
> through the mail from the American Basic Sci-
> ence Club". I don't know if that Organization
> is still in operation [I got my kits more than 45
> years ago],
> [...]

I just did a Google, and found:

American Basic Science Club:


If this San Antonia, TX Company is not
still in-Business, it should be started-up,
again, as a National Educational Priority.

Every Child should have the Opportunity
to Explore Science that this Company's
=Excellent= approach made-Possible.

Folks who want to see the wellsprings of
both Neuroscientific Duality Theory and
Tapered Harmony - you know - 'the
data' - will find it's 'seed-crystal' stuff
in this Company's Efforts on behalf of
the Children.

'Course, a 'seed-crystal' needs a 'super-
saturated solution', and it's up to Parents
to give such to their Children with respect
to the doing of Science.

Mine did.

Seeing the old ad at this web site brought
back a =rush= of memories :-]

I earned the money to pay for my kits
by peddaling Newspapers.

I still have most of the materials, if they
will help folks who are interested in start-
ing-up the Company again.

Of course they'd have to be brought up
to date. The kits used vacuume tupes, etc.,
but their empahsis of the Basics was exceed-
ingly-Beautiful, as was the way they treated
the Child-Experimenter as Equal-to-the-Task
of Learning-Science.

I'd wait for each month's kit 'with baited breath' :-]

Wheatstone Bridge - there were numerous links.
Here are two:



Don't try to understand nervous system
function without, first, understanding the
Wheatstone Bridge [and Analog Computers].

I didn't search on the latter, but presume
there's a wealth of information available on the
net. I got everything I needed from the Am-
erican Basic Science Club Kits :-]

Of course, because the neural Topology is
inherently 3-D dynamic, the nervous system's
implimentation of 'the analogue computer' is
extremely-very-much-more than "an analog
computer". Folks've speculated about "digital-
analog hyprids", but what nervous systems
are is 3-D-dynamically-tunable analog com-
puters, and to see this, one has to get a firm
grasp on the stuff that is discussed in the
Googled post to which I referred in the prior
msg, which is linked-to, above.

I thought all of this was Obvious to everyone.

An Error of 'presumption' on my part.

I Apologize.

I forgot that my Childhood experience wasn't
everyone's Childhood experience.

It's 'funny' - folks just didn't understand "Wheat-
stone Bridges".

Oh well, Learn them 'now'.

Learn how analog computers calculate.

Then 'bridge' to the 3-D-dynamic neural

"TD E/I-minimization" is =just= the analog-
computer-like Calculation that occurs within
the 3-D =dynamic= neural Topology.

WDB2T is the 'hitching-post' that Determines
all Calculations that occur within the 3-D-
dynamic neural Topology.

It's Simple, and it's Fun-to-understand.

ken [k. p. collins]

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