Bennett and Hacker: Village Idiots or Philosophers?

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Wed Feb 11 19:23:28 EST 2004

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> "Glen M. Sizemore" <gmsizemore2 at> wrote in message
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> > EO: Oh, memory is not of the past, great, then
> > perhaps it is of future? Trust me, this is non-sense.
> >
> > GS: I remember that I have to give a lecture later today. If I said "I
> > remembered that I gave a lecture today." you would say that I am
> > "remembering the past event." By the same token if I say "I remember that
>  I
> > have to give a lecture later today." we must say that I am remembering a
> > future event. That is certainly how the language game is played. Trust me.
> No - you are wrong (what else is new...)

Don't pester Glen! His stack might be shallow! What can we do! BWhahahaahah!

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