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What new neural connections may be facilitated by the psychotherapeutic framework of primal theory/therapy?

Peter F. effectivespamblock at ozemail.com.au
Sat Feb 14 01:39:53 EST 2004

Firstly, allow me to introduce myself:

I am the often editorially or lingually inept author of EPT.

Secondly, apropos EPT:
Amongst many other more or less aptly EPT-characterizing word sequences that
abbreviate thus, EPT can be taken to stand for (an) 'ExcEPTional'
Philosophical Treatise - or for (an) Eclectically Plaited Together,
anthropobiologically centred, sweeping synthesis of "Scientifically
_Established Principles, Theories_, Interpretations & Concepts", and other
suchlike, SEPTIC-humorously considered, 'informational matter'.
Also, letter-sequences _within_ words can be capitalized to flag that they
are being used in some EPT-specific sense. In this way I may, for example,
lay claim to be more percEPTive, or make less inEPT use of concEPTs more
often, than others. %-}]

Before a get to the rather narrow point of this post I'd like to establish
the traditional 'brain function categorizing' thinking (e.g. as represented
by A.R. Luria) that I have adopted (and perhaps have adapted to my EPT

I think it might help if I do, just in case it will provide (for some
prospective reader or this post) a useful
back-light (background) to the tentative explanatory thinking of mine that
I wish to receive some seriously interested and qualified feedback about.

Most generally categorized, our neuropsychology depends on two types of
neurons - making up two neural sub systems: Namely, "specific" and a
"non-specific" neurons.

[If you enjoy a certain kind of SEPTIC humor, you might appreciate that
refer to the latter as RAT (for "reticular activating type") neurons. %-)]

These two neural subsystems differ in that the specific system/neurons fire
relatively readily and in a "phasic" fashion in contrast to the non-specific
system/neurons which does so in a relatively inert/wind-up and tonic
fashion; and the specific system/neurons has axons that transport action
potentials rapidly with axons that are precisely targeted whereas the axons
of non-specific neurons transports signals slowly and distribute their
efferents diffusely through richly branching axonal projections.

One other aspect of (ideational background to) my vague - or accEPTably
fuzzsilly logical - vision, is

We have a seldom recognized and realized natural potential, or rarely used
capacity, to self-regulate and become more fully conscious by way of
neurological changes that are essential to the primal process of
recovering from (or evolving out of) conditioned-in states that Janov call
pain", and for which I have contrived the acronym "CURSES".

Also, we thereby would recover from - or in a new or seldom eventuated way
handle the dynamic legacy of - a kind of adverse life-situations (most often
occurring, or "been in", when we are very young and hence most
self-helpless) that as a matter of universal principle demand, and is
apparently consequently met by, our evolved (in our phylogeny naturally
selected-for) capacity for a 'correspondingly capable' kind of
self-regulation; A kind of self-regulatory capacity that is partly (~half)
covered both by what has been called repression, and by what is meant **with
a particular traditional psychobiology specific terminological sloppiness**
(enough said) by "Habituation" $.

$ Except "Habituation" either (from) in the sense that some environmentally
novelty may cease to evoke a most simple orienting reflex (because the
relatively simple
sensory-detected pattern of stimulation ends up equally simply instinctively
interpreted as insignificant), or (to) that an emotional and/or mental
of vital actentional [from attention+action] energy may keep on being spent
on some more or less
elaborate or sophisticated preoccupying response, e.g. to some intellectual
proposal, until this proposal (one that initially appeared both novel and
interesting) eventually is found-out to be wrong or basically boringly

The same naturally required coping capacity is much more generally covered
by what has been called "[our] neurotic defence system" (so called by,
amongst others, Janov).

It is even more comprehensively referred-to (whilst also more profoundly
defined) by AEVASIVE.

In fact this coping capacity is far more than just covered by this
mega-scooping (both deeply and widely grasping) humanly relevant concEPT.

AEVASIVE might appear (after a shallow interpretation of 'its surface') to
be a glib acronym; However, if properly understood it is in no way trivially

There is not the time to try to explain AEVASIVE other than to mentioning
that with its SEPTIC content and substantiality (including a deliberately
Tolerance Principled looseness) this acronym-concEPT does with pragmatic
approximativeness stand for:

(expression made up specifically to provide a strongly Explanatory
Philosophical Traction with specific reference to the frequent
phylogenetic/life-situational simultaneity of selection/evolutionary
pressures in the form "SHITS come CURSES type Adversity type pressures", on
one hand, and what I call "Opportunity type pressures", on the other hand.
These 'genophenotying effect' of the real-life overlap between these types
of overlapping pressures" can be seen to be reflected in correspondingly
"ambi-advantageously adaptive" animal functions and traits - the by far most
strikingly characteristic of which is found amongst in the ways that we
humans are (or function and behave).

(more than acceptably provides an E)

(or Vested, and in some sense 'Vitally Vectorial')

Actention {Selection} System
(no time to explain further)

(amongst much else - but in a central, instructive, widely publicized, role)

(provides a valuable V)

Endoopiates (only since the word "opioids" doesn't start with an
acronym-building E)

As an alternative to describing our neurotic defenses (suppression or
repression) as
being most basically inhibitory, the inhibitory mechanism(s?) at the core of
neurotic defences (also IMHO, neurotic defences is better put as "AEVASIVE
can be described not entirely metaphorically, as: "selective (or specific)

"Selective" (or specific) as in a precisely neurologically localized
lowering of a key actention focusing neurons' rate of firing down to a
unconsciousness causing (sub-threshold) 'value'.

Hence the *not quite metaphorical*, and far from inEPT, association between
the traditional meaning of hibernation (and aestivation) and the more or
less selective "freezing' or metabolic-rate-lowering effect of slowly as
well as (and *even more common than*) rapidly traumatic life-situational
adversity. I have concEPTualized any such adversity as SHITS (which is short
for "selective Hibernation imploring type situations").
End of preamble!

Now to the main point:

I am interested in getting factual feedback that contradicts or confirms my
vague hunch about HOW the psychosomatically HEALING and relatively thorough
'neurosis resolving' EFFECT of previously structurally available but
functionally not utilized "differently self-regulatory" neural connections
[or - put with help of some concEPTual expressions - how potentially
functional feedback circuits that *if* brought on-line tend to give rise to
a non-AEVASIVEly (~>=non-neurotically) self-regulatory state of
"ConsciousnessT" (consciousness as the word is EPTly defined and freely
flagged with a cautionary Tolerance Principle symbolizing T-tag and/or a
capital C --  including being more simply, aptly, and consistently, than
commonly meant) can contribute to a holistically self-healing (and
"increased ALQHolism establishing/promoting/totalling") outcome] ---
connections that are aimed for by people properly applying/doing Primal
Theory/Therapy --- CAN can come about.

N.B. **If would you decide (or already believe) that "such connections can
never come about", then you are of course automatically off-the-hook here!
;-) **

My vague idea is to do with that a close-enough to optimally prepared and
timed inhibition
(or 'rendering-ineffective') of the chronic, reflexive and largely non
conscious, gating and rerouting (~AEVASIVE functions) which prevent a
functionally significant/self-regulatory shift in the pattern of
interactivity between specific (type) neurons and non-specific (reticular
activating) neurons that were "long-term
potentiated" by one and the same genuinely traumatic past life-situation,
can pave the way for an opening up and 'grooving' (automatic learning) of
new patterns of pre-conscious synaptic communication
between these two, for conscious self-regulation complementary, subsystems
within the brain or Nervous System [or, both seriously and
S_EPT_IC-humorously put, "Actention Selection System"] of a person.

Somewhat less generally described:
That the "new function" consists of a greater-than-ever-before (in a
person's life) self-regulatory focusing or sharpening -- achieved by tapping
the self-regulatory potential of a brain-functional principle/mechanism,
along the lines of "center/surround excitation/inhibition", through the
provision of "a specifying" access by specific neuron onto their reciprocal
consciousness-energizing complementary counter-part, "RAT neurons" --
provided and presuming there exist both a non-specific and a specific
neurological legacy of a *no longer* environmentally/life-situationally
current trauma.

This legacy, of such potentially overwhelmingly distressful memory states,
is what, ever since the original actually individually "been in" SHITS
(including "slow traumas"), remains as an insidious dynamic influence and
co-motivating factor because they got automatically "conditioned-in" and was
thereby retained (within the modular Actention Selection System) by the
originally associated (and ever since profoundly relevant) long-term
potentiated "central registers" (so to speak).

By a possibly never before in the life of a person occurred opportunity to
optimally OPEN UP neural "gates" (not unsuitably thought of as if being
flood-gates) against the potentially pernicious pressure of primal pain, a
'CURSES dispelling' non-neurotic (non-AEVASIVE), and by EPT definition more
Conscious, mode of processing one's memories of having been in SHITS may

Alternatively SEPTIC-humorously put:
For some people there are other ways to cope with having been unfortunate to
accumulate Pain in the ASS, than to deal neurotically with it.

Can such a "sharpening function" be what provides an opportunity (window of
opportunity) for a successful self-regulatory end-result of a lifting of
repression of (or a removal of repressive defences against - or an opening
of "gates" that shuts away) potentially overly painful (or ditto
distressing) memories caused by having been in a (though usually more than
one) genuine SHITS. ?


IOW, in contrast to the excitation of neurons/circuits whose firing bring
about "selective Hibernation" of "selective Hibernation imploring type
situations" (SHITS), what is required for such a window of opportunity to
eventuate is an inhibition, or suitably timed absence, of excitation of
neurons that, subsequent to having 'intimately been part of' in an
individual's being in a SHITS, chronically tend (as if keep-on trying) to
prevent "the paying" of potentially futile and self-defeatingly distressful
"focuses of actention" towards the more or less chronic condition-in
**excitatory (long-term potentiated) aftermath** of that (specific) SHITS.

Neurosis (or, more broadly and better, AEVASIVE) contains all neural
behavioural/mental and cultural characterisitcs that serve to prevent a
person (unless he/whe acutely suffers from PTSD) from paying self-defeating
actention to the "CURSES" [EPTly contrived acronym-concEPT which, in this
the shortest and least excplicitly concept-defining version of its spelling,
stands for Conditioned-in Unconsciously Remembered Stressors (specifically
and primarily of SHITS-type) Effecting Symptoms], that that a specific SHITS
has inevitably (and by definition) as if "put" into the Actention Selection
System of a (by the same specific genuine SHITS originally traumatized)


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