It's 'Hilarious' but I can't talk about it

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> Everything those who Suffer need
> has been in AoK, all along - Withheld
> from them by 'science', 'government',
> 'business' and 'journalism'.
> [...]

Give me Government that =LEADS=
by bringing the Citizenry Together to
do what only =it= can do.

Give me Business that understands
that its most-Important Product is
the Employment that it makes-possible.

Give me Journalism that Communicates
Information, so that the Citizenry, Informed,
can, then, Decide what it is that =it= will

Give me Science that 'moves toward' Truth,
not coersed, and coersing, 'consensus'
within narrowly-delimited experience.

K. P. Collins

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