Some amphetamine affinities

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I'm 'curious' - are folks waiting for me to

Everything I have to say about Neuropharmacology
has been in AoK, Ap9 all along ["functional multiplexing"]

ken [k. p. collins]

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> I'm sure it is. These drugs have been investigated for years because of
> abuse aspect, and I'm sure the affinities have been worked out. My guess
> that the people that invent compounds like this do binding studies
> immediately. I have a paper coming out soon and one of the authors is a
> chemist who makes cocaine- and methyphenidate-like drugs (he has made
> dozens), and the relative binding affinities for the various monoamine
> transporters are the first thing examined.
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> > } would think that this would be easy to find on Pub
> but
> > } it isn't.
> >
> > I had the same problem. I'll bet it's all there, but not in the
> > abstracts. By now it's probably such a well known standard measure
> > that it's not stressed. Like talking about electricity without stating
> > the unit charge of an electron.
> >

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