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My 'disruptiveness'

k p Collins kpaulc at [----------]earthlink.net
Mon Feb 16 05:40:59 EST 2004

A number of folks have commented
on what they've referred to as my

In this post, I'll explore that, a bit.

What have I, or am I, 'disrupting?

Discussions here in b.n?

Come on, folks! If a discussion
cannot be sustained in the face of
anyone's comments, then that's
disclosing, with respect to what was
the 'information-content' of the dis-
cussion, isn't it?


So it can't be that.

Perhaps folks're reacting to the way
that, when this or that comes-up, I
tend to offer 'counter'-arguments?

And, because I routinely do such,
folks think I'm being 'disruptive',
in-general, with respect to folks'
meeting to discuss 'neuroscience'
here in b.n?

There's a smidgeon of Truth in that
view, but =just= a smidgeon.

The Fact is that it's been the case
that there has been =nothing= in
Neuroscience that =can= be 'dis-
rupted' - because the Field, to date,
has just been a disorganized 'pile'
of Arduously-collected facts.

How can one 'disrupt' somthing
that's not 'rupt', in the first place?

So, yes, I guess I have been 'dis-
rupting' the acquiesence to the ab-
sence-of-'interest' in achieving
unification within Neuroscience.

But it's been without Malice, and
=not= without Reason, and =not=
in any way that's been 'demanding'
of others - because I did the work
before ever coming here to b.n.

All I've been doing is giving folks
what had been missing within
Neuroscience - Unification.

So, yeah, I've been 'disruptive'.

But take a good-long-look at
what it is that I've been 'disrupting':


Dis-ordered scattering of Jewels
of Great-Worth..

Forsaking of folks who Suffer.



And generalized 'mischief'.

I admit it.

I've been 'disrupting' =all= of
this stuff that's Unworthy of

That folks find such 'discomfiting'
is 'just' another instance of the way
that 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-
minimization, left uncomprehended,
'traps' folks within Tragically-neg-
ative circumstances just be-cause
they're 'familiar'.

I've been 'disrupting' folks' 'familiar'

But, look at what was in folks' 'familiar'
stuff - =nothingness=.

So I've been 'disrupting' folks' 'nothing-

I would not have done so if I didn't
have the stuff that's Worthy of folks'
Embrace in-hand, ready to give to folks.

You know? Is it so 'bad' that 'nothingness'
is 'disrupted', and replaced with the
Ability to See?

Anyway, if that's the 'crime', then, yes,
I'm 'guilty'.

I've 'disrupted' the 'blindness'.

Replaced it with Seeing.

K. P. Collins

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