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My 'disruptiveness'

k p Collins kpaulc at [----------]earthlink.net
Mon Feb 16 20:15:39 EST 2004

"Andrew T. Austin" <andrewaustin at 23NLPeople.com> wrote in message
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> "k p Collins" <kpaulc@[----------]earthlink.net> wrote in message
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> > A number of folks have commented
> > on what they've referred to as my
> > 'disruptiveness'.
> >
> > In this post, I'll explore that, a bit.
> >
> > What have I, or am I, 'disrupting?

First, I stand-against "neurolinguistic programming",
because it is, IMO, predatory.

> Come now Ken, surely you misunderstand.  Here's the deal - you refer to a
> unpublished bit of work by yourself repeatedly, stating that your posts
> refer back to a long line of threads that `folks` will have followed.  If
> anyone challenges you, you simply say, "I stand on what i posted."  Duh!

It does not remain unpublished through my

But, it was written decades ago. It cannot
just be Published, now, without being re-

Honestly, what I've been hoping for is that
some group would allow me to 'come in
from the cold', so that I could have the
benefit of working relationships - and an
environment, including ready access to a
good Neuroscience Library, in which to
do the work inherent in bringing AoK up-

As things stand, just driving to a Library
is prohibitively-expensive, I can't afford
photocopy expenses, I can't afford materials,
my PCs are so commonly 'hacked' that I've
stopped using them for anything other than
these online discussions [so I'm 'cut-off' from
even the programming that I Love to do], etc.

I'm 'living' on a minimal budget, just hoping
that some group will invite me in from the
cold [such a group will not regret it Decision,
because, in return for their giving NDT a chance,
I'll just shower them with Relevant Newness -
stuff with which they can work, and Advance

They are a bit 'atypical', but there are numerous
analogous-precedants, in which folks with
'atypical' experience are, nevertheless, granted
opportunity to work in ways that are supported
by 'tradition'. Eric Hoffer and Buckminster Fuller
come to mind.

> Various people have suggested that you publish your work on a webpage.  In
> the past I too offered some of my own webspace to you this purpose, free
> charge.  I think the neuro science lot here have been far more charitable
> both their offers of assistance and tolerance of you than you could
> appreciate.

For reasons that I've discussed, including my
bugetary constrainsts, as above, it's not prac-
tical to do what needs to be done via a web

It'd be acquiescing to a Lie to post AoK, as
it has existed, now. It'd establish a 'time'-pre-
cedant in which, supposedly, AoK hasn't
been available to folks all along, when it has
been available to anyone who wanted it [and
not only from me - I gave folks permission to
duplicate it for non-commercial purposes, so
folks can share dublicates of their copies with

Why avoid the Lie inherent?

I've Obligation with respect to Truth.

What's in AoK has already been widely ab-used.

I cannot co-operate in-such, by doing anything
that sets a False 'time'-precedant.

"Absurd" ...?

All the costs, inherent, have already been ab-

So I'm Free to address Truth, inherent.

> However, you invent interesting `excuses` and `reasons` as to why you
> shouldn`t make this earth shattering manuscript available.

I just Address Truth, Forthrightly.

Having to do so is just in-Truth.

> You appear to be
> on a `mission` -

I 'move toward' Truth. Period.

> yet you are so artfully vague that when the no one on this
> planet appears to understand your bizarre posts and logic, you feel that
> is the world that has it wrong.

If you look, Honestly, you'll see that I've
been addressing the Problem at its well-
spring - 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-mini-
mization, left uncomprehended.

It's fallen to me to do such.

It's fallen to me to have to do nothing
other than addressing such, Forthrightly.

Folks who 'think' that there's a way
'around' such are just 'slipping-off' the
'point' of equilibrium's instability, and
the only thing that results from such is
that the way that 'blindly'-automated
TD E/I-minimization, left uncompre-
hended, Ravages Humanity is 'blindly'-
and-automatically perpetuated.

Do I 'miss' the possibility that anything
I can do will be 'insufficient'?


All I Know, with Certainty [with respect
to such] is that, if I Fail to 'hold-the-line',
then there is no Hope.

So I Choose to 'hold-the-line'.

If folks look-back, folks'll see, Clearly,
that all of the 'desperation' with which I
pleaded for opportunity to just Do-Sci-
ence, was be-cause I wanted to do what
needed to be done =before= things
reached the 'state' that they've reached.

Everybody 'thinks' I'm some sort of 'ogre'
[I laughed and laughed while watching
=Shrek= last night. Same-old, same-old :-]

But all I'm doing is what needs to be done.

It's 'Difficult' be-cause NDT's stuff cuts
right to the core of 'blind'-automation.

Where NDT's stuff Exists, 'blind'-auto-
mation is flat-out Eliminated.

This is 'Difficult', and folks 'move away
from' it, be-cause NDT's stuff elevates
TD E/I within folks' nervous systems,
and, not understanding NDT's stuff, folks
don't understand that this TD E/I(up) that
they experience as a result of their encount-
ers with NDT's stuff are only a =temporary=
'scary' circumstance. [Folks'd rather just
allow the old, 'familiar' Savagery to continue,
as if it's all that can be - 'because' folks
'believe' that it's all just 'human nature'. But,
Truth is, that all of the Savagery is 'just'
self-perpetuating, learned-and-intergenera-
tionally-handed-down stuff - that's Unworthy
of Humanity.]

So, it's fallen to me to be the 'lightning-rod'
with respect to all that's inherent.

"Oh well."

I Accept the Obligation inherent.

The costs that fall to me are insignificant
when juxtaposed against the Costs that
will fall to others if I 'move away from'
Truth, inherent.

"No contest."

I will do what needs to be done.

> Well, get with the program Ken - if your
> work is so good, how about communicating it in a coherent fashion and
> publish the damned thing.

I want to do nothing other than exactly that.

How does one do such when one has to
struggle to Survive?

When one cannot afford to go to the

Post some decades-old document?

> Me thinks you squirm in fear of being `found out`.

There's an Easy way to get =that= 'matter'
sorted-out, isn't there?


> Get over it already.
> Maybe it would all be different if you had hair.
> Rant ends.
> Andrew Austin.
> ____________________
> [...]

If it matters, I tried to Avoid its
coming-to what it's come-to.

Everyone 'thought' my 'desperation'
was some 'self-seeking' stuff.

But everyone was Wrong about that,

k. p. collins

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