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DC lesion? - a lesson?

Peter F. effectivespamblock at ozemail.com.au
Tue Feb 17 20:30:20 EST 2004

Hello NMF,

Thanks for you comments and offer!

There is a veritable smörgåsbord of delicious information available to us -
right in front of our noses - these days. :-)

Here is an example of what prompted me to say that:


"NMF" <nm_fournier at ns.sympatico.ca> wrote in message
news:94jYb.5355$Cd6.335124 at news20.bellglobal.com...

> Well there has been some interesting work by Mark Bear showing sliding
> modification threshold for evoking LTP and LTD, which are based on the
> previous correlated firing activity of the postsynaptic neuron importance
> argued from the mathematical modeling of Bienenstock-Cooper-Munroe Theory.

> It seems that if you have a developing nervous system the threshold moves
> towards the easy evocation of producing LTP.  As more and more connections
> are gained along the entire dendritic arbor, competitive actions between
> neigboring synaptic sites will compete with each other in terms of trophic
> support etc.. Thus instead of getting to a point where the saturability of
> LTP would occur, the converse situation emerges, that is the threshold
> towards readily evoking LTD.  (This has been verified in monocular
> deprivation studies, environmental enrichment studies, and recently
> assesing these hypotheses in normal animals... see Mark Bear).   (more
> below).

All the more reasons to take our "formative years" seriously. %-|

> Maybe some of Nadel and LeDoux work published in Neuron (2002?) might be
> useful to look into especially with respect to mechanism.  Also K. Nadel
> an excellent paper that he published (i think 2003? or 2002) in trends in
> the neurosciences, that I would definitely encourage you to read on
> implications of some important physiological processes involved memory
> consolidation and psychopathological disorders.  i'll find the paper and
> you want i can send you the .pdf  (Just let me know).

Yes thanks. Please put pdf in bottle and throw at high tide in my direction:
fell_spamtrap_in "at" oze_mail (as one word without underscore) full stop
com full stop au.

(The look of that address should send spambots right past this post.;)

> Hmm.  That's interesting and I never thought of it quite like that.  I
> personally don't believe that repression, in the psychodynamical and
> Freudian sense, exists.  And I agree with you on the limitations of it's
> traditionally sloppy and hypocritical definitions. Even Freud threw away
> concept of "repression" in his later work, which essentially considered it
> as BS.  He later adopted the approach that it was derived by therapist and
> client selective reinforcement. (the infamous "flash bulb memory" cases
> prime examples of this silliness).  However, most people do not read the
> original work and as a result incorrect and Hollywood views circulate.

Apropos which: You might be interested at taking a look at some of the
content of Arthur Janov's website?


Best wishes,


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