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DC lesion? - a lesson?

k p Collins kpaulc at [----------]earthlink.net
Wed Feb 18 05:25:05 EST 2004

Hi John,

"John H." <johnh at faraway.> wrote in message
news:40318cd4 at dnews.tpgi.com.au...
> Peter,
> The best thing you can do for Ken is teach
> him your sense of humour and lightheartedness.
> Damn, they're all so serious around here, not a
> joke amongst the lot. I sometimes wonder if
> they smiled whether or not their faces would
> crack. I can see the headlines now: Joke told
> at Neuroscience Conference. Plastic surgeons
> are working around the clock to repair damage.

Honestly, I do posess a robust 'sense of
humor'. It's a bit 'lonely', though. Folks
tend not to get my jokes. [I could write
a book about all that's entailed.]

And, with respect to the stuff that folks
'normally' find to be 'humorous', I tend
to prefer not to 'shunt' the energy, but,
instead, to =use= it in finding my way
through what needs to be done.

Someone has to do this, or the same-old
'song' that's oblivious to Humanity's self-
Ravaging will just go-on-playing.

> Some here say Ken has a psychopathology,

I 'confess'. It's becoming clear to me that I
=do= Care 'abnormally' :-]

> I have certain concerns in that regard (both
> for me and him-me I'm sure about, him don't
> know and don't really care).

Thanks, John. That's a way in which I don't
want to be 'cared'-about :-]

> My retort to this is that it takes a certain
> kind of nut to choose a career in Neuroscience.
> The cognitive demands are extraordinary,
> the workload horrific, and they're all so bloody
> serious. Hey bods, there's much better and
> easier money to be made elsewhere. Jeez I
> know brickies who make better wages than
> many research scientists in Australia. Seriously
> though, just for a passing moment, I do respect
> and admire their work(ie, brickies and neurobods).

I worked as a "brickie" [a mason-tender],
before I 'died'.

Loved it, but, at the end of each work-
'day', had to sit in my "GTO" for about
a half-'hour' before I could find the energy
to turn-the-key.

It was just the way that my Father brought-
me-up - =earn= your wages. Took pride in
leaving-it-all on the scaffolds each 'day'.

It's been the same in my approach to
Neuroscience. Even though there've
been no wages :-]

> I have no idea why Ken is so intense
> about all this.

It's a Father-Son thing.

Do your work with Honor.

> Stuff humanity, Risen Apes are not that precious
> to be that concerned about.

Well, 'risen-apes', yeah, but, Oh! The trans-
formation that a bit of understanding makes

I want to Live in =that= World.

It's 'selfish' :-]

> I'll be giving a short presentation in an
> INS\ASSBI conference in Brisbane in July
> (brain injury) so if you're up that way I'll meet
> you at the Victory Hotel and we'll see who
> can kill the most brain cells. At my age with
> this bloody eyesight its not like I need those
> little buggers anymore.
> [...]

When I read this, the other 'day', my first thought
was, "How can I get to Austrailia?"

"Fawstaa's" [American hearing of "Foster's"
pronounced by an Aussie].

It was a Fond-Aching-to-be-there, with-you,
to Do Neuroscience.

You know - in-person, ready to work
as my Father taught me to work.

Cheers, John, ken

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