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About Ken [was: Could a cell membrane provide an electromagnetic shield]

Doktor DynaSoar targeting at OMCL.mil
Wed Feb 18 12:45:34 EST 2004

On Tue, 17 Feb 2004 15:12:46 -0400, "NMF"
<nm_fournier at ns.sympatico.ca> wrote:

} Please define cD? (crucial data?).  

Correlation dimension. Dimension is typically termed "D". There can be
several kinds of dimension. The question which Ken answered with
irrelevant material involved calculation od correlation deminsion (cD)
from a time series.

} If you actually think that the
} geometrical shape of a neuron plays no role in the coordination
} spatiotemporal regulation of neuronal activity, I would say your completely
} wrong.

So would I. However, the question was about calculating cD from an
arbitrary time series; strictly a matter of nonlinear statistics. The
topology of part of the brain, which was the essence of Ken's "answer"
is about as relevant to this question as the presence of hematite on
Mars is to the structure of Shakespear's sonnets. Even of the time
series was one of neuro-electric activity, his answer is irrelevant.
Mathematics does not change with the subject it is being applied to.

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