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To the Leaders of India and Pakistan

k p Collins kpaulc at [----------]earthlink.net
Thu Feb 19 01:15:03 EST 2004



India and Pakistan Set a 6-Month
Timetable for Peace Talks"

Please understand that 6 months is
'insufficient'. The 'disagreements" that
have to be worked-through literally
exist within the nervous systems of
the Citizens of both of your Nations -
in the form of "biological mass" that
has formed, via =normal= functioning
within the nervous systems of the Cit-
izens who have been involved.

As you work to find ways through
the 'disagreements', this or that that
you attempt to do =will= induce
TD E/I(up) to occur within individ-
ual nervous systems, simply because
whatever it is that you will be working
to accomplish will be 'unfamiliar' to
Citizens who experience it.

Nervous systems tend, strongly, to
react 'blindly'-and-automatically to
such occurrences of TD E/I(up).

There are only two ways that such
can be dealt with:

1. Teach folks how nervous systems
process information.

2. When the 'blindly'-automated re-
actions occur, =do not= counter-re-
act, but, rather, guide your Citizenries
with respect to the absurdity that their
'blindly'-automated reactions to the
'unfamiliarity' of your efforts to over-
come the 'disagreements' that have
inflicted Tragedy, and forstalled
Development within your Nations.
Focus upon the irrationality that's
[always] inherent in such 'blindly'-
automated reactions. They always
wreak havoc, destroying both Lives
and Property, and never 'settle' any-
thing. When there is a supposed
'victory' through aggression, such
always comes at the cost of the
establishment of 'simmering' resent-
ments that only set the stage for
future non-cooperation.

So, presuming that folks won't
Choose option 1., option 2. re-
quires Leadership to Guide their
Citizenries in the midsts of what
will be their 'blindly'-automated
reactions to the TD E/I(up) that
efforts to accomplish that which
is 'unfamiliar' unfold.

This will take much-longer than 6
months - because, what must happen
within Citizenries' nervous systems is
the creation of "biological mass" with
respect to the =mutual= well-beings
of =both= Pakistan's and India's Peo-
ples - and Leadership must work
determinedly, and patiently, while such
"biological mass" is created.

If your Leadership is determined, patient,
even-handed and Honoring-Truth, it can
be 'accomplished', incompletely, but in a
way that will have become self-sustaining,
in about ten 'years'.

During this period of 'years' your Leader-
ships must Guide your Citizenries through
what will be their 'blindly'-automated re-
actions to the 'unfamiliarity' of your
striding toward the future prosperities
of both India and Pakistan.

Don't get 'side-tracked' when 'blindly'-
automated reactions occur. Know that
they will occur, and lose no 'time' in
lifting your Citizenries up in understanding
with respect the absurdity inherent in
self-inflicted woundings of your Nations.

Don't be deterred from Peace.

I will Pray for your Success.


K. P. Collins

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