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To NMF Re: DC lesion? - a lesson?

Peter F. effectivespamblock at ozemail.com.au
Fri Feb 20 00:07:18 EST 2004


About Machworth and similar kinds of definitions of Habituation: IMO they
are euphemizing rather than unifying.

It can be explained (excEPTionally tightly and powerfully) why this is
normally so.

In short, our brains (or "Actention[-modular] Selection Systems") are the
result of a now not so strange 'strange attractor' in phylogeny of fauna
towards what can be acronym-named as "AEVASIVE functionality".

Near the base of the philosophical pylon that prop up this explanation, is a
schematic depiction of evolution from the vantage-point of only three (but
accEPTably defined;) categories of selective/evolutionary pressures - either
'instrinsic' or environmental such - being effective in relation the lives
of individuals of populations in the phylogeny of fauna.

Two of these categories (of the Evolutionary Pressure Totality) are
topmost - namely "Adversity type selective/evolutionary pressures" (ATSEP),
and "Opportunity type selective/evolutionary pressures" (OTSEP), and the
remaining one - SHITS (amplified by CURSES type memories) -  is a "sub"
category of ATSEP.

As an alternative to describing the inhibitory neural functions at the core
neurotic defences they can be described not entirely metaphorically, as:
"selective (alt. synaptic)
Hibernation". [Nothing would be gained by using the phrase "selective
Habtuation", for two reasons:
1. Habituations has a traditional co-notation as being mainly a cancellation
of responses to repeated *insignificant* stimulation (ditto or aspects of a
2. Habituation already implies selectivity (of function and effect).

The (by me bet on) semantic strenght of the phrase "selective Hibernation"
is given by that "selective" can refer to a precisely neurologically
localized (even synapse specific) functional focus; and that Hibernation can
thereby (using the prefix "selective") even easily be associated with a
lowering of **key actention focusing** neurons' rate of firing (hence their
metabolic rate) down to a
"selective unconsciousness" causing - so not to be understood as narrowly as
just selectively awareness precluding, or selective awareness causing -

Hence the *not quite metaphorical*, and far from inEPT, association between
the traditional meaning of hibernation (and aestivation) and the more or
less selective "freezing' or metabolic-rate-lowering effect of slowly as
well as (and *even more common than*) rapidly traumatic life-situational
adversity. I have concEPTualized any such adversity as SHITS (which is short
for "selective Hibernation imploring type situations").


The statement that AEVASIVE stands for was pieced-together with playful
philosophical pragmatism.

(The following is largely lazily copied from a previous post of mine.)

AEVASIVE might appear (after a shallow interpretation of 'its surface') to
be a glib acronym; However, if properly understood it is in no way trivially

There is not the time to try to explain AEVASIVE other than to mentioning
that with its SEPTIC content, hence also its substantiality (including a
Tolerance Principled looseness) this acronym-concEPT does with pragmatic
approximativeness stand for:


[expression made up specifically to provide a strongly Explanatory
Philosophical Traction with specific reference to the frequent
phylogenetic/life-situational simultaneity of selection/evolutionary
pressures in the form "SHITS come CURSES type Adversity type pressures", on
one hand, and what I call "Opportunity type pressures", on the other hand.
The 'genophenotying effect' of the realtime (real-life) overlap between
these types
of pressures" Opportunities and SHITS (amplified by being a cause of CURSES)
can be seen to be reflected in correspondingly "ambi-advantageously
adaptive" animal functions and traits - the by far most characteristic of
which are to be found in the ways we
humans function and behave]

(more than acceptably provides an E)

(or Vested, and in some sense 'Vitally Vectorial')

Actention Selection - OR System
(either S-word can be conveniently subtracted - no time to include the my
metaphorical interpretation of what the ASS is and does;)

(obviously amongst much else - but in a central, widely known instructive

(provides a valuable V ;)

(only since the word "opioids" doesn't start with an
acronym-building E)

As an alternative to describing neurotic defenses or neurotic aspects of
personalities (largely unconscious suppression or
repression and rerouted co-motivation by) as being most basically
inhibitory, the inhibitory mechanism(s?) at the core of
neurotic defences (also IMO, "neurotic defences" are better understood - and
expressed with a single much more broad, balanced, and explicitly profound
term - as "AEVASIVE

I feel rather comfortable contemplating our ASS as a partly parallel partly
overlapping and partly hierarchical stack and bundle of neurons (not
discounting the gifts of glia) or modular circuits (encompassing anything
from the sensory input end to the motor output end of our neurology), each
aspiring (or actually and regularly) producing each performing or paying
specific focuses of actention performing cheered-on or booed by current
environmental input weighted most basically by phylogenetic situations but
also by situations occurred previously during the individual's life-time and
even by experiences environmental histone encoded factors infuencing an
individual's parents prior to the individual's conception.

 just before the conditioning (alteration of individual neurons'
physioanatomy) caused no longer current and
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