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It's a Continuous energy-flow

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Fri Feb 20 03:56:44 EST 2004

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> One more, important, comment added below.
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> And try to 'make-myself-small' in
> your 'presence'.
> So you'll find-what's-in =You=.
> Independently of what's in-me.
> Get it?]
> [...]

It's a =CONTINUOUS= energy-flow.

The directional 'flip-flops' are artifactual.

It's what's in-the-middle that Matters.

The 'end-points' are =just= energy-
thresholding 'events' that enable what's
in-the-middle - the =CONTINUOUS=

And just because it's "in-the-middle",
that doesn't mean that it can't 'go'
where it pleases.

It just means that it carries "the-middle"
as it 'goes'.

As it 'moves toward' Truth.

Get it?

[Try to understand how 'heart'-breaking
it is to me when folks 'see' this or that 'flip-
flops' 'end-point' stuff as 'what matters'.

[I've 'marked' some of these. Google[tm]
on "dead-again", and these should come-up.]

All that 'end-point' stuffs are is 'periodic'
energy-trhesholding that's Necessary
to keep the energy-flow that's in-the-
middle, and which is what actually
Matters, Continuous.

The 'end-points' are artifactual.

And this's True with respect to =ALL=
'oscillations' within =ALL= of physical
reality - be-cause of the one-way flow
of energy from order to disorder that is
what's =described= by 2nd Thermo

It's WDB2T that underpins =ALL=
energy-thresholding 'events' within
physical reality.

When any energydynamic 'strays
too far' from WDB2T, WDB2T
just reverses it, to maintain its
[WDB2T's] overall Continuity.

The overall Continuity is what
Matters, not the energy-thresholding
dynamics that 'tag-along', as passive
consequences of the overall Continuity.

One imparts momentum within the
overall Continuity in a way that's
analogous to a Child's pumping a
playground swing. The 'end-points'
just mean that the 'pumping' has
attained its maximum effect, and it's
'time' to 'move' back to the 'middle'
[of the overall energy-flow Continuity].]

ken [k. p. collins, knowing that what's
here will leave folks 'scratching-their-
heads', but that it's a Necessary 'step'
toward understanding. And, Forgive
me, Please, if I 'pump-the-swing' with
too much exuberance. It's 'time' for
such - kind of like what the Sweepers
do at the crucial 'moment' in a Curling
match :-]

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