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With respect to the "Jobs" debate that's
heating-up, it's =important= to attend to
what's 'in-the-middle'.

There's a Necessity to spread Prosperity
across Humanity.

Prosperous Citizenries seek co-operation.

What's happened in the U. S. is an 'over-
shoot' with respect to the Economic real-
ity of the U. S. - folks can't purchase any-
thing if they earn nothing.

Get it?

But it's =important= to work =with=
other Nations to spread Prosperity
across Humanity.

If this's not accomplished, to the degree
that it is not, Savagery will ensue.

[The situation in Hati is, even 'now', as
a "canary in the mine shaft" with respect
to the way in which relative-Prosperity
is coupled to relative-Savagery.]

It's 'just' a 'thermodynamic', around
which there is no way.

What happened in America is that Business
paied too-much attention to it's spreadsheet
numbers, and not enough to the fact that
there needs to be money in folks' pockets
if Business is to be able to sell anything, and
earn Profits.

Get it?

So, 'now', there'll be a Correction of this
over-shoot, and it's =important= that the
U. S. Citizenry not become 'blind' to the
fact that rest of Humanity's Needs are the
same as ours.

Toward this goal, it would be very-useful
if folks, in-general, understood how, and
why, nervous systems process information
via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization.

This'd enable folks within the dynamics of
the global Economy, rather than abandoning
them to 'blindly'-automated 'passions'.

Folks in Leadership positions need to
address economic realities Forthrightly,
and not cave-in to passioned-unreason.

You know, 'the-middle' is what Matters.

And, Strong Leadership 'moves the middle'
to the 'place' that cares for =all= of Humanity,
knowing that that's the best way to care
for Leadership's Own Folks.

Get it?

Fail, and those with respect to whom Leader-
ship Fails exact the Costs of 'blindly'-automated

ken [k. p. collins]

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