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To Peter Re: DC lesion? - a lesson?

Peter F. effectivespamblock at ozemail.com.au
Fri Feb 20 08:26:10 EST 2004

Hi Ken,

Was in a rush to get in time for work when I MISTAKENLY caused the post you
are replying to to be sent. Hence the delay in denouncing the post.

Just so you and especially NMF - if he is listening - know what happened.
(You already know how much goes wrong with my writings ;->)

In order not to overload myself, this time I shall answer only a small part
of what you wrote. (Might deal with more later.)

"k p Collins" <kpaulc@[----------]earthlink.net> wrote in message
news:XhjZb.12729$hm4.9884 at newsread3.news.atl.earthlink.net...
> > Re SHITS:
> > As an alternative to describing the inhibitory neural functions at the
> core
> > of
> > neurotic defences they can be described not entirely metaphorically, as:
> > "selective (alt. synaptic)
> > Hibernation".
> > [Nothing would be gained by using the phrase "selective
> > Habtuation", for two reasons:
> > 1. Habituations has a traditional co-notation as being mainly a
> cancellation
> > of responses to repeated *insignificant* stimulation (ditto or aspects
> a
> > situations).]
==Square paranthesis added - I flaw of four hundred fixed!==

> Looking back through the History of
> Science discloses that this doesn't work,
> Peter.
> For a thousand 'years', Ptoemaic Astronomy
> was accepted 'because' 'habituated' to that
> which is actually Significant.
> > 2. Habituation already implies selectivity (of function and effect).
> Yeah, but it's only 'selectivity' that's
> 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization
> with respect the neural activation that
> has already occurred within nervous
> systems - which means that the 'sel-
> ectivity' is 'just' 'moving toward' and
> 'moving away from' relative TD E/I,
> =not= this or that which is in the extern-
> al experiential environment.
> Big-Difference.

Frau Phylogeny is the blindly automated 'coordinator' between the ASS (or
nervous system) of individuals' and their environment.

Some people call her (her, since phylogeny is obviously female! ;-)  the
Blind Watchmaker.

Neural animals most certainly use firing thresholds - also interpretable as
"trip-wires" - that prevent SHITS from becoming fuel for "SHITS-specific"
futile (and in many such cases otherwise soon lethal) focuses, or "paying",
of actention;

And this WHILST - a likewise " 'blindly'-automated" 'conditioning-in' of
directly correlated CURSES-type memory states is allowed (by Frau Phylogeny)
to occur!

You see, your automatic "TD E/I minimizing" functions - has been (is)
touched on by plenty of people that recognize our natural tendency to
self-regulate towards dynamic _adaptive_ brain AND body systemic states of

Some such states are "LESS dynamic than others". E.g.: General hibernatory
states of adaptation (e.g. northern bears in their winter season), or, even
"more less" so, aestivatory (e.g. a frog species during seasonal periods of
dry conditions).

Others being "MORE dynamic than others" - e.g. an Australian male marsupial
rain-forrest living mouse that stresses itself to death chasing after
females and fighting-off rivals. (I stand ready to be correct on the exact
habits of these mice at any time;-) - or salmon individuals with their
straining (smartly) up-stream towards their place of birth for their yearly

'Blindly'-automated brain regulation is elsewhere called things like
"adaptation reflexes or adaptive behaviour".

It is however important to know roughly ALL the internal and environmental
factors and forces that an individual is trying ('blindly'-automatically) to
adapt TO.

Hence it is also important not to AEVASIVEly ignore or euphemize some key
explanatory and crucially psychologically/behaviorally/socially/medically
important and functionally significant aspect of What Is going on as far as
(of course *especially*) our own psychobiology/neurobiology is concerned.

You ought to know by now what the mostly missing aspects (missing from adult
people's theoretical - scientific/political/parental/educational - minds)
are, that I have in mind. ;-|


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