Placebo process caught in the act plain, for all to see!

Peter F. effectivespamblock at
Fri Feb 20 20:12:22 EST 2004

Article in Scientific American:
"Scientists See How Placebo Effect Eases Pain"

It is highly inEPT not to realize that what this finding reflects is a very
thoroughly inbuilt and phylogenetically old function of the ASS;

Also that the "synaptically selectively Hibernatory" screening-out and
selectively consciousness canceling adaptive handling of SHITS come CURSES,
is part of the ATSEP (adversity type selective/evolutionary pressure)
challenge-meeting aspect of both the phylogenetic (~ambi-advantageously
evolved) and directly psychobehaviourally relevant meaning of our all our
AEVASIVE characteristics - e.g. such as the apparent "powers of language".

At an increasing pace piling-up findings of scientific research, research
such as exempliefied by this article,  is making EPT a still more starkly
apt an explanatory platform terminological, rationally philosophical,
position of omniscientific philanthropically oriented overview on, or
understanding of, first and foremost ourselves.


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