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To Peter Re: DC lesion? - a lesson?

k p Collins kpaulc at [----------]earthlink.net
Sat Feb 21 21:01:54 EST 2004

Hi Peter,

"Peter F." <effectivespamblock at ozemail.com.au> wrote in message
news:WVnZb.236$3X5.7928 at nnrp1.ozemail.com.au...
> Hi Ken,
> Was in a rush to get in time for work when I MISTAKENLY caused the post
> are replying to to be sent. Hence the delay in denouncing the post.
> Just so you and especially NMF - if he is listening - know what happened.
> (You already know how much goes wrong with my writings ;->)
> In order not to overload myself, this time I shall answer only a small
> of what you wrote. (Might deal with more later.)
> "k p Collins" <kpaulc@[----------]earthlink.net> wrote in message
> news:XhjZb.12729$hm4.9884 at newsread3.news.atl.earthlink.net...
> > > Re SHITS:
> > > As an alternative to describing the inhibitory neural functions at the
> > core
> > > of
> > > neurotic defences they can be described not entirely metaphorically,
> > > "selective (alt. synaptic)
> > > Hibernation".
> > > [Nothing would be gained by using the phrase "selective
> > > Habtuation", for two reasons:
> > > 1. Habituations has a traditional co-notation as being mainly a
> > cancellation
> > > of responses to repeated *insignificant* stimulation (ditto or aspects
> of
> > a
> > > situations).]
> ==Square paranthesis added - I flaw of four hundred fixed!==
> >
> > Looking back through the History of
> > Science discloses that this doesn't work,
> > Peter.
> >
> > For a thousand 'years', Ptoemaic Astronomy
> > was accepted 'because' 'habituated' to that
> > which is actually Significant.
> >
> > > 2. Habituation already implies selectivity (of function and effect).
> >
> > Yeah, but it's only 'selectivity' that's
> > 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization
> > with respect the neural activation that
> > has already occurred within nervous
> > systems - which means that the 'sel-
> > ectivity' is 'just' 'moving toward' and
> > 'moving away from' relative TD E/I,
> > =not= this or that which is in the extern-
> > al experiential environment.
> >
> > Big-Difference.
> Frau Phylogeny is the blindly automated 'coordinator' between the ASS (or
> nervous system) of individuals' and their environment.

But all evolutionary dynamics reduce
to WDB2T. The Biology 'knows' that
it's action is 'appropriate' to the degree
that it's action 'climbs' WDB2T.

So it's WDB2T that 'coordinates' all
of the Biology, including the way that
nervous systems 'blindly'-and-auto-
matically 'seek' TD E/I-minimization.

There's no 'magic' in-it, but under-
standing with respect to this WDB2T
stuff is 'just' another 'thermodynamic'
that is instantiated through nervous
systems' ranging-widely with respect
to WDB2T, and, thereby, 'knowing'
how to continue to 'climb' WDB2T,
but with respect to =many= things,

It's just more of what Biology does -
more of what differentiates Biology
from inanimate physical reality.

> Some people call her (her, since phylogeny is obviously female! ;-)  the
> Blind Watchmaker.

Thanks to WDB2T, 'she' is not 'blind',
but 'she' has remained only 'blindly'-and-
automatically 'moved away from' by 'her'
finest creation - our nervous systems.

What I've been doing, for lo, these many
'years', is finishing 'here' work for 'her',
after having gotten-instruction directly
from 'her', with respect to that which
Needed to be done to achieve this end.


'funny', but True.

> Neural animals most certainly use firing thresholds - also interpretable
> "trip-wires" - that prevent SHITS from becoming fuel for "SHITS-specific"
> futile (and in many such cases otherwise soon lethal) focuses, or
> of actention;
> And this WHILST - a likewise " 'blindly'-automated" 'conditioning-in' of
> directly correlated CURSES-type memory states is allowed (by Frau
> to occur!
> You see, your automatic "TD E/I minimizing" functions - has been (is)
> touched on by plenty of people that recognize our natural tendency to
> self-regulate towards dynamic _adaptive_ brain AND body systemic states of
> equilibrium.
> Some such states are "LESS dynamic than others". E.g.: General hibernatory
> states of adaptation (e.g. northern bears in their winter season), or,
> "more less" so, aestivatory (e.g. a frog species during seasonal periods
> dry conditions).

When the demands of 'climbing' WDB2T exceed
organisms' WDB2T-Determined abilities to 'climb'
WDB2T, Biology 'waits' for the energy-gradient
that is WDB2T to become less-steep. Then the
Biology continues it's 'climbing' of WDB2T.

> Others being "MORE dynamic than others" - e.g. an Australian male
> rain-forrest living mouse that stresses itself to death chasing after
> females and fighting-off rivals. (I stand ready to be correct on the exact
> habits of these mice at any time;-) -

I probably do, too, having Lived an
analogous way, all of my 'years' :-]

Still "She" remains at an energy-gradient
that is 'too-steep' - still I "chas[e] after"
her :-]

Both your marsupials and I do it be-cause
it's in-us to 'climb' WDB2T in a way that
'recognizes' [in my case, Recognizes] that
the only possible way in which I can con-
tribute to the =overall= 'climbing' of WDB2T
is by "chasing after females" [in my case,
"Her", and, in  my case, Knowing that,
even if I never reach "Her", the "chas[e]" is,
itself, a 'climbing of WDB2T that has bene-
fit, overall :-]

> or salmon individuals with their
> straining (smartly) up-stream towards their place of birth for their
> spawning.

An instance of 'climbing' of WDB2T that
is  blatently-obvious [and so-Beautiful be-
cause it is].

> 'Blindly'-automated brain regulation is elsewhere called things like
> "adaptation reflexes or adaptive behaviour".

Yes, and, as above, it's not 'blind' at its
most-fundamental 'levels' - 'just' at its
phylogenetically-newest 'levels' - which
is why I've been busy, hauling-Knowing
up to those highest-but-Youngest 'levels'.

Nurturing the Youngness in-all-of-us.



Enabling Cognition to Know that which
bacteria have 'Known all along'.

It's 'funny' that such is necessary, but,
since it is, it Needs to be done - so that
will, at least, have a fighting-chance
against the bacteria.

> It is however important to know roughly ALL the internal and environmental
> factors and forces that an individual is trying ('blindly'-automatically)
> adapt TO.

'These' are all 'just' one thing: WDB2T.

All variation exists be-cause local WDB2T
varies with experience [including, in a com-
pounded way, all of Biology, all the way
down to it's most-fundamental 'levels'. [I
can "chas[e] after" "Her", but not "catch" her,
be-cause "She" and I are 'apart' as a result of
experiential happenstance. But, in my "chasing
after" "Her", the efforts I exert alter others'
local WDB2T, and, so, others find the 'climbing'
easier - they 'win' through my efforst in "chasing
after" "Her" :-]

> Hence it is also important not to AEVASIVEly ignore or euphemize some key
> explanatory and crucially psychologically/behaviorally/socially/medically
> important and functionally significant aspect of What Is going on as far
> (of course *especially*) our own psychobiology/neurobiology is concerned.

As for me, I "chas[e] after" "Her" - just
like your marsupials :-]

It's Knowing NDT's stuff that allows
me to lift-folks-up, with respect to =their=
'climbing' of WDB2T, even though "She"
and I are 'apart' as a result of experiential

You know - I've seen the Beauty in WDB2T,
and am lifting =myself= up with respect to

Part of what's in-that is the Recognition of
how the same-stuff acts in =all= folks' Liv-

And what you, and others, have 'presumed'
'to be' my 'pathology' is just my Love for
others, and the way such Love is Actualized
within my Being.

Sure, 'trashing' folks is superficially-'easy',
but, if one caves-in to doing such, one
elevates the WDB2T energy-gradient in
the lives of others.

So, if one caves-in to 'trashing' others,
one, thereafter, exists within the elevated
WDB2T energy-gradient that has resulted
from one's own Choice.

Why do such?

To 'catch' "Her"?

Such doesn't work, be-cause it'd impose
the 'same' elevated WDB2T energy-gradient
upon =Her= Living, wouldn't it?


The ranging-widely Discloses that it's so.

Love wants for others what they 'want' for
themselves - TD E/I-minimization.

I Love "Her".

> You ought to know by now what the mostly missing aspects (missing from
> people's theoretical - scientific/political/parental/educational - minds)
> are, that I have in mind. ;-|
>  P

Yeah, I do.

It's just that, it's fallen to me to
Know that which was 'missing'.

Cheers, Peter, ken [k. p. collins]

It's 'funny'. I started watching =Cast Away=
this 'night', but've switched to watching
=shrek= - just at the point where "Shrek"
delayed in rescuing the "Princess" to save
his "Donkey" :-]

I like both flicks, and have viewed them
both multiple times, but the island scenes
in =Cast Away= are too-Real for me to
'enjoy'. just 'now'. Toninght, I'd rather
laugh about "Blood the Flatuent", and the
"Hunters running away from him" :-] kpc

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