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Objective Reality

k p Collins kpaulc at [----------]earthlink.net
Tue Feb 24 21:19:06 EST 2004

The current 'tummult' with respect to
same-sex 'marriage' is such that it's
become apparent that I have to clarify
what's in, and not in, NDT with respect
to Objective Reality.

I'm 'tired', so I'm just going to get the
discussion started in this post.

NDT =does not=, and =cannot= be
invoked in =any= way that 'sanctions'
'arbitrary' correlations with respect to

Just be-cause two pepole have different
"biological mass" with respect to this or
that, does  not permit NDT to be used
to 'declare' that there, supposedly, is
'no objective reality'.

With respect to "marriage", Truth is that
the 'state' of there being a Man and a
Woman who want to "form a union in
order to give birth to offspring", Needs
a Unique name.

Why not let that be "marriage", as that
word has addressed Truth for centuries?

You know?

Calling "green" "yellow" doesn't make
"green" "yellow".

Using NDT as a 'means' to enable
'moving away from' Truth, 'just'
'moves away from' Truth.

Why take the Unique name from the
Unique thing?

It's =Completely= Nonsensical to do

Why am I commenting on this?

I've been watching this sort of 'creeping'
ab-use of NDT's position as it's built-up'
over the years.

Tonight, on TV News, I heard a lot of
folks bashing others by invoking "pre-

It is =NOT= 'prejudice' to assign a
Unique word to a Unique thing.

NDT =CANNOT= be invoked
in attempts to 'deny' Objective Reality.

Folks who attempt to do so 'move
away from' Truth, Declaring that
they do so.

It should not be necessary to Amend
The Constitution of The United States
of America in order to Force folks to
Honor Truth.

If folks cannot find it in their 'hearts'
to Honor Truth, then nothing will
Sustain This Nation.

And those who 'move away from'
Truth will have 'accomplished' that

I'll continue the discussion of why
seeing, and Honoring, Truth Matters,

Meanwhile, don't do this sort of
'behavioral relativity' stuff and call
it "NDT".

It's not.

NDT's understanding is a "double-
edged sword".

Ab-use it, and one 'only' 'denies'-Self.

K. P. Collins

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