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Objective Reality

k p Collins kpaulc at [----------]earthlink.net
Wed Feb 25 09:32:25 EST 2004

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NDT can, in fact, be interpreted solely
from the perspective of Objective Reality.

That is, what NDT does is Explain How
and Why folks Ravage one another for
reasons that have no correlates in any
Absolute external experiential Reality.

This =does not= mean that 'ndt says' that
there is no Absolute External Reality.

This =does not= mean that 'ndt says' that
there is no Objective Reality.

Both NDT and Tapered Harmony [the
work I've done] Hold 'just'-the-opposite
is True - that Absolute External Reality
[Objective Reality] is the only stuff that
has physically-real Existence.

What NDT does is Explain How and
Why, =despite= the physically-real
Existence of Objective Reality, folks
interact amongst one another as if their
Subjective Experience 'constitutes real-



And getting this one thing sorted out is
the most-imperative thing with respect
to the Survival of Humanity.

So, it's unacceptable to 'look-askance'
when Truth is 'moved away from' in
efforts to 'justify' Subjective Realities.

Doing so 'lifts-one-out' of one's innate
capability to 'move toward' Truth.

I've discussed all of this, reiteratively,
in terms of the one-way flow of energy
from order to disorder that is what's
=described= by 2nd Thermo [WDB2T].

Be-cause all available evidence substan-
tiates that WDB2T permeates physical
reality, WDB2T constitutes a Means to
see Truth within physical reality.

Therefore, although there may be some
other means, that remains Unknown, to
do so, be-cause all available evidence does
substantiate that WDB2T permeates phys-
ical reality, Truth can be 'moved toward'
through ranging-widely, experientially, with
respect to WDB2T.

But, in so ranging-widely, one who chooses
to 'move toward' Truth, cannot 'pick-and-
choose' with respect to WDB2T. One
who chooses to 'move toward' Truth is
Obliged to cross-correlate all of the WDB2T
that one experiences.

One who chooses to 'move toward' Truth
cannot, as a matter of Subjective-'convenience',
'controvert' what one has experienced of
WDB2T, be-cause, to the degree that one
does such, one introduces internal 'transform-
ations' of 'wdb2t', and these, subsequently,
'blind' one, commenssurately, to WDB2T.

[Such "`transformation' of 'wdb2t'" is
=always= externally-observable, be-cause
it occurs, internally, as a TD E/I(up) that im-
poses 'stereotypical'-correlates within behav-
ior. [Folks who cannot, yet, 'see' such exist
on the "before-'side' of the "talking-to-unseen-
example that's given at the end of AoK's "Short
Paper" section, but with respect to what's Re-
ified in NDT.] And, be-cause such "`transform-
ation' of 'wdb2t'" is =always= externally-ob-
servable, if one 'caves-in' to it, the 'moving away
from' Truth that's inherent and observable in
one's behavior ramifies, within one's interactions
with others, in a way that, commensurately,
'counters' one's ability to 'move toward' Truth.
All of this stuff is, itself, actualized in WDB2T.]

So, although it's ['two'-]often 'Difficult' to do
so, one who chooses to 'move toward' Truth
does not 'cave-in', by altering one's 'movement
toward' Truth when external experiential dyn-
amics 'pile-up' artificially-generated energy-
gradients. [One just sees that they are, in fact,
artificially 'piled-up', be-cause they Contradict
the net-WDB2T that one has experienced while
ranging-widely with respect to WDB2T.

Which is what has occurred in the same-sex
'marriage' stuff that Obliged me to discuss
Objective Reality.

Interestingly, this instance of divergence from
Objective Reality is =NOT= what it, superfic-
ially 'appears to 'be'.

It's a compounded-thing that's, literally, been
Calculated to ab-use the American Citizenry.

I've been watching, and Analyzing, it's unfolding
for a long-'time', and will stand-against those
who have Calculated to ab-use the American
Citizenry, and with all those who have been
so ab-used.

The whole thing has been Deliberately-Engineered
by 'political'-operatives who seek to actualize
=their own= Subjective 'realities'.

In such, they have Disclosed that they're Willing
to stab-America-in-the-Heart to 'achieve' their

They will Fail.

It gives me Sorrow that the Truth, inherent, has
Obliged me to Defend it, as I have done, when
folks involved have not, yet, been able to com-
prehend NDT's stuff.

I 'move toward Truth.


K. P. Collins

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