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Objective Reality

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Here's another example:

"Fed Chief: Cut Social Security
Greenspan tells Congress he favors curtailed
benefits over tax increases."


"Greenspan Urges Cuts to Social Security to
Rein In Deficit
Congress was urged today to rein in entitlement
benefits like Social Security and Medicare in
order to cut budget deficits."


[I can't access the Articles.]

Taking mony from one 'pocket', and putting
it in the other 'pocket' does exactly-nothing
with respect to the sum of the money, and,
so, it does nothing about America's balance-
sheet's bottom-line.

What's the famous 'sound-bite'?

"Voodoo economics"?


This's 'politics', =not= Economics, and is a
Strong example of the "internal 'wdb2t' 'trans-
formation'" that I wrote about in my prededing
post, linked-to above.

And, again, there's a compound 'trnasformation'
involved. Anyone who works with America's
Fiscal Policy knows that taking funds out of
the Social Security Trust is an 'explosive' is-
sue, so the folks who opted to do so probably
have a 'goal' that's correlated to using this 'ex-
plosiveness' as a 'tool' with respect to 'political'

If the =Washington Post's= lead-in accurately
reports Mr. Greenspan's remarks, then that's
'another' 'wdb2t transformation', because taking
money from Social Security =is= a Tax-increase
for those who are dependent upon Social Security.

But there's more to all this than these obvious
things. Perhaps, if I could access the Articles,
I'd be able to say-more, but I can't, so I can't.

Perhaps the evening Radio and TV News will
shed further Light on the matter.

This 'fiscal'-sleight-of-hand is a =direct= con-
sequence of the absence-of-understanding that
was inherent in this Administration's head-long
rush into War in Iraq.

Anyone who only took-an-'hour' to Think could
have forseen that the =Needless= War would
have these Negative impacts upon America's
Economy, but the folks who 'decided' on War
were 'blind' to the Needs of The Citizenry, be-
cause they were, in my Analysis, 'drueling'
over Iraqi Oil, the business that the rebuilding
of the Iraqi infrastructure, and the 'boost' that
the War would mean to the weapons manufact-

Their problem was that they 'forgot' about The
Citizenry, they 'forgot' about America, and they
'forgot' that there's a Future that encompasses
more that their in-group Greed.

They were in the grasp of their inbred 'wdb2t
transformation', and 'just' could not see Object-
ive Reality.

And, so, what this proposed-diverting-of-funds
from Social Security is is a 'squirming' that was
necessitated by, and to 'justify', the internal TD
E/I(up) that was in the original 'hey-let's-get-rich-
by-going-to-war' 'wdb2t transformation', which
is exactly what I was talking about, in my prior
post, when I said that there are =always= extern-
al observables that Disclose 'movement away
from' Objective Reality.

And the plot thickens - I just heard a brief Report
on NPR that says Mr. Greenspan 'blames' every-
thing on the burgeoning of "Baby Boomers'" re-

But anyone who only read the News Knew that
the "Baby Boomer" situation was Old-Long-
Since-Recognized - so the present 'invocation'
of "Baby Boomer" stuff is 'just' a 'covering-up'
of the 'blindness' within which the Iraq War

It wouldn't be so Bad if it weren't so Obvious
that there was so much Greed inherent in the
'decision' to go to War, but it is Obvious.

And the other thing is that, I Believe, that NDT's
stuff was 'known' to the U.S. Government, all

I went to the F.B.I. eleven times.

"The Big Picture": The Citizenry must take the
initiative to send folks to Washington, D. C. who
will see the Needs of The Citizenry - of America -
not inbred, narrowly-defined, "hey-it's-good-for-
us" stuff.

You know - send folks to Washington, D. C. who
'move toward' Truth, instead of trying to 'manufact-
ure' some internal 'wdb2t transformation' that 'moves
away from' Truth - 'moves away from' Objective

A =lot= of Fiscal Errors have been made by the
current Administration.

The best way to Correct them is for The Citizenry
to Devote itself, Seriously, to seeing-to-it that they
be Corrected.

Taxes will =have to be= raised in order to get
America back on-track with respect to the Future
that we 'all' want for Our Children.


Objective Reality is Important.

Truth =IS=.

'move away from' Truth, and Truth does what Truth
does, despite what anyone does.

So, the thing to do is to 'move toward' Truth.

Honor Truth and Truth Honors you right back.

Not, and Not.

K. P. Collins

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