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Objective Reality

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Here's another example:

The NPR Report to which I referred
in my piror post stated that President
Bush advocates in-favor of 1. maintain-
ing Social Security benefits for folks
who are near Retirement, and 2. in-
favor of Younger folks paying-into
"personal savings accounts".

This's a =long-sought= 'goal' of the
'profit-seekers', but it'd =END=
Capitalism as it has existed, be-cause,
once folks start 'investing' to secure
their Retirements, all semblance of
supply-and-demand competition
would 'evaporate'.

=Think= about it.

What would you do if your Retire-
ment Security was Dependent upon
the success of your 'investments'?

It's a Prescription for 'Enron-all-over-
the-place, isn't it?


What this "personal savings account"
'proposal' amounts to is a Ponzi Scheme
on a =massive= scale - a massive 'chain-
letter' scheme that's Calculated to enlist
The Citizenry in 'doing-anything' to prop-
up 'corporations' that can't earn-Profits
the Old-Fashioned way - through Work.

And there's the 'squirming' with 'respect'
to WDB2T, plain-to-see.

"Old-Fashioned" Work, displaced by

Wake-up! America.

It's =YOUR= Future that the 'politicians'
are Gambling-with.

K. P. Collins

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