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Objective Reality

Glen M. Sizemore gmsizemore2 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 25 18:02:42 EST 2004

Your descent into what is traditionally called "madness," and its acutely
public nature (i.e., you post on the freakin' internet) have become, I
admit, mildly fascinating to me. Before VALIS starts beaming "information"
into your brain right through your aluminum foil hat, Ken, drop the
"science" for a moment and tell me a few things. How old are you? Where were
you born? Where did you go to school? What is the extent of your formal
education? Did you ever have a girlfriend? Do sports? Have friends? Did you
have any siblings? Do they keep contact with you? Where do you live now? I'm
serious, Ken. Normally I wouldn't suggest someone post this sort of stuff on
an NG like this but, let's face it, unless you are institutionalized, you
will continue to enlighten us ad nauseam, and I have become truly interested
in the answers to the questions I posed.

"k p Collins" <kpaulc@[----------]earthlink.net> wrote in message
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> "k p Collins" <kpaulc@[----------]earthlink.net> wrote in message
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> > [...]
> NDT can, in fact, be interpreted solely
> from the perspective of Objective Reality.
> That is, what NDT does is Explain How
> and Why folks Ravage one another for
> reasons that have no correlates in any
> Absolute external experiential Reality.
> This =does not= mean that 'ndt says' that
> there is no Absolute External Reality.
> This =does not= mean that 'ndt says' that
> there is no Objective Reality.
> Both NDT and Tapered Harmony [the
> work I've done] Hold 'just'-the-opposite
> is True - that Absolute External Reality
> [Objective Reality] is the only stuff that
> has physically-real Existence.
> What NDT does is Explain How and
> Why, =despite= the physically-real
> Existence of Objective Reality, folks
> interact amongst one another as if their
> Subjective Experience 'constitutes real-
> ity'.
> Big-Difference.
> =HUGE=.
> And getting this one thing sorted out is
> the most-imperative thing with respect
> to the Survival of Humanity.
> So, it's unacceptable to 'look-askance'
> when Truth is 'moved away from' in
> efforts to 'justify' Subjective Realities.
> Doing so 'lifts-one-out' of one's innate
> capability to 'move toward' Truth.
> I've discussed all of this, reiteratively,
> in terms of the one-way flow of energy
> from order to disorder that is what's
> =described= by 2nd Thermo [WDB2T].
> Be-cause all available evidence substan-
> tiates that WDB2T permeates physical
> reality, WDB2T constitutes a Means to
> see Truth within physical reality.
> Therefore, although there may be some
> other means, that remains Unknown, to
> do so, be-cause all available evidence does
> substantiate that WDB2T permeates phys-
> ical reality, Truth can be 'moved toward'
> through ranging-widely, experientially, with
> respect to WDB2T.
> But, in so ranging-widely, one who chooses
> to 'move toward' Truth, cannot 'pick-and-
> choose' with respect to WDB2T. One
> who chooses to 'move toward' Truth is
> Obliged to cross-correlate all of the WDB2T
> that one experiences.
> One who chooses to 'move toward' Truth
> cannot, as a matter of Subjective-'convenience',
> 'controvert' what one has experienced of
> WDB2T, be-cause, to the degree that one
> does such, one introduces internal 'transform-
> ations' of 'wdb2t', and these, subsequently,
> 'blind' one, commenssurately, to WDB2T.
> [Such "`transformation' of 'wdb2t'" is
> =always= externally-observable, be-cause
> it occurs, internally, as a TD E/I(up) that im-
> poses 'stereotypical'-correlates within behav-
> ior. [Folks who cannot, yet, 'see' such exist
> on the "before-'side' of the "talking-to-unseen-
> others-before-and-after-the-invention-of-radio
> example that's given at the end of AoK's "Short
> Paper" section, but with respect to what's Re-
> ified in NDT.] And, be-cause such "`transform-
> ation' of 'wdb2t'" is =always= externally-ob-
> servable, if one 'caves-in' to it, the 'moving away
> from' Truth that's inherent and observable in
> one's behavior ramifies, within one's interactions
> with others, in a way that, commensurately,
> 'counters' one's ability to 'move toward' Truth.
> All of this stuff is, itself, actualized in WDB2T.]
> So, although it's ['two'-]often 'Difficult' to do
> so, one who chooses to 'move toward' Truth
> does not 'cave-in', by altering one's 'movement
> toward' Truth when external experiential dyn-
> amics 'pile-up' artificially-generated energy-
> gradients. [One just sees that they are, in fact,
> artificially 'piled-up', be-cause they Contradict
> the net-WDB2T that one has experienced while
> ranging-widely with respect to WDB2T.
> Which is what has occurred in the same-sex
> 'marriage' stuff that Obliged me to discuss
> Objective Reality.
> Interestingly, this instance of divergence from
> Objective Reality is =NOT= what it, superfic-
> ially 'appears to 'be'.
> It's a compounded-thing that's, literally, been
> Calculated to ab-use the American Citizenry.
> I've been watching, and Analyzing, it's unfolding
> for a long-'time', and will stand-against those
> who have Calculated to ab-use the American
> Citizenry, and with all those who have been
> so ab-used.
> The whole thing has been Deliberately-Engineered
> by 'political'-operatives who seek to actualize
> =their own= Subjective 'realities'.
> In such, they have Disclosed that they're Willing
> to stab-America-in-the-Heart to 'achieve' their
> ends.
> They will Fail.
> It gives me Sorrow that the Truth, inherent, has
> Obliged me to Defend it, as I have done, when
> folks involved have not, yet, been able to com-
> prehend NDT's stuff.
> I 'move toward Truth.
> Period.
> K. P. Collins

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