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Objective Reality

Glen M. Sizemore gmsizemore2 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 25 18:02:53 EST 2004

Your descent into what is traditionally called "madness," and its acutely
public nature (i.e., you post on the freakin' internet) have become, I
admit, mildly fascinating to me. Before VALIS starts beaming "information"
into your brain right through your aluminum foil hat, Ken, drop the
"science" for a moment and tell me a few things. How old are you? Where were
you born? Where did you go to school? What is the extent of your formal
education? Did you ever have a girlfriend? Do sports? Have friends? Did you
have any siblings? Do they keep contact with you? Where do you live now? I'm
serious, Ken. Normally I wouldn't suggest someone post this sort of stuff on
an NG like this but, let's face it, unless you are institutionalized, you
will continue to enlighten us ad nauseam, and I have become truly interested
in the answers to the questions I posed.

"k p Collins" <kpaulc@[----------]earthlink.net> wrote in message
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> Here's another example:
> "Fed Chief: Cut Social Security
> Greenspan tells Congress he favors curtailed
> benefits over tax increases."
> http://www.washingtonpost.com/
> "Greenspan Urges Cuts to Social Security to
> Rein In Deficit
> Congress was urged today to rein in entitlement
> benefits like Social Security and Medicare in
> order to cut budget deficits."
> http://www.nytimes.com/
> [I can't access the Articles.]
> Taking mony from one 'pocket', and putting
> it in the other 'pocket' does exactly-nothing
> with respect to the sum of the money, and,
> so, it does nothing about America's balance-
> sheet's bottom-line.
> What's the famous 'sound-bite'?
> "Voodoo economics"?
> Yup.
> This's 'politics', =not= Economics, and is a
> Strong example of the "internal 'wdb2t' 'trans-
> formation'" that I wrote about in my prededing
> post, linked-to above.
> And, again, there's a compound 'trnasformation'
> involved. Anyone who works with America's
> Fiscal Policy knows that taking funds out of
> the Social Security Trust is an 'explosive' is-
> sue, so the folks who opted to do so probably
> have a 'goal' that's correlated to using this 'ex-
> plosiveness' as a 'tool' with respect to 'political'
> 'goals'.
> If the =Washington Post's= lead-in accurately
> reports Mr. Greenspan's remarks, then that's
> 'another' 'wdb2t transformation', because taking
> money from Social Security =is= a Tax-increase
> for those who are dependent upon Social Security.
> But there's more to all this than these obvious
> things. Perhaps, if I could access the Articles,
> I'd be able to say-more, but I can't, so I can't.
> Perhaps the evening Radio and TV News will
> shed further Light on the matter.
> This 'fiscal'-sleight-of-hand is a =direct= con-
> sequence of the absence-of-understanding that
> was inherent in this Administration's head-long
> rush into War in Iraq.
> Anyone who only took-an-'hour' to Think could
> have forseen that the =Needless= War would
> have these Negative impacts upon America's
> Economy, but the folks who 'decided' on War
> were 'blind' to the Needs of The Citizenry, be-
> cause they were, in my Analysis, 'drueling'
> over Iraqi Oil, the business that the rebuilding
> of the Iraqi infrastructure, and the 'boost' that
> the War would mean to the weapons manufact-
> urers.
> Their problem was that they 'forgot' about The
> Citizenry, they 'forgot' about America, and they
> 'forgot' that there's a Future that encompasses
> more that their in-group Greed.
> They were in the grasp of their inbred 'wdb2t
> transformation', and 'just' could not see Object-
> ive Reality.
> And, so, what this proposed-diverting-of-funds
> from Social Security is is a 'squirming' that was
> necessitated by, and to 'justify', the internal TD
> E/I(up) that was in the original 'hey-let's-get-rich-
> by-going-to-war' 'wdb2t transformation', which
> is exactly what I was talking about, in my prior
> post, when I said that there are =always= extern-
> al observables that Disclose 'movement away
> from' Objective Reality.
> And the plot thickens - I just heard a brief Report
> on NPR that says Mr. Greenspan 'blames' every-
> thing on the burgeoning of "Baby Boomers'" re-
> tirement.
> But anyone who only read the News Knew that
> the "Baby Boomer" situation was Old-Long-
> Since-Recognized - so the present 'invocation'
> of "Baby Boomer" stuff is 'just' a 'covering-up'
> of the 'blindness' within which the Iraq War
> derived.
> It wouldn't be so Bad if it weren't so Obvious
> that there was so much Greed inherent in the
> 'decision' to go to War, but it is Obvious.
> And the other thing is that, I Believe, that NDT's
> stuff was 'known' to the U.S. Government, all
> along.
> I went to the F.B.I. eleven times.
> "The Big Picture": The Citizenry must take the
> initiative to send folks to Washington, D. C. who
> will see the Needs of The Citizenry - of America -
> not inbred, narrowly-defined, "hey-it's-good-for-
> us" stuff.
> You know - send folks to Washington, D. C. who
> 'move toward' Truth, instead of trying to 'manufact-
> ure' some internal 'wdb2t transformation' that 'moves
> away from' Truth - 'moves away from' Objective
> Reality.
> A =lot= of Fiscal Errors have been made by the
> current Administration.
> The best way to Correct them is for The Citizenry
> to Devote itself, Seriously, to seeing-to-it that they
> be Corrected.
> Taxes will =have to be= raised in order to get
> America back on-track with respect to the Future
> that we 'all' want for Our Children.
> See?
> Objective Reality is Important.
> Truth =IS=.
> 'move away from' Truth, and Truth does what Truth
> does, despite what anyone does.
> So, the thing to do is to 'move toward' Truth.
> Honor Truth and Truth Honors you right back.
> Not, and Not.
> K. P. Collins

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