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> [What's here is left 'cryptic', but
> the folks who'll receive it will
> understand.]
> Well, anyway, =my= Honor is intact.
> All 'you' Lovers of 'secrecy' will find
> out, by and by, but unrushingly, what
> derives in 'your' grouped-'moving away
> from' Truth.
> I'll have =nothing= to do with that, BTW.
> =My= Honor remains intact.
> Now, let's see... it's a Cold winter's 'day'
> in 1961. Life stands before me. How
> will I Live it?
> You know - with Life's having been
> taken from me.
> K. P. Collins

Commentator: "There's a flag on the field."
                       "Personal foul."
                       "Celebrating in the end zone."

                       "He'll probably be fined by the League, too."

Player:             "Oh well."

Coach:            "I told you to turn the other cheek."

Player:             "Yes, Coach, but they're playing dirty."

Coach:             "So what?"
                        "You're out of the game."

Player:              "I understand, Coach."

ken:                   :-]

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