The hippocampus is =not= a 'spatial' map

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Just in case:

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I wrote, and posted, my reply to Neil before
receiving John's correction.

In case it 'matters'.

Forgive me, Please, if my eyes are open-too-

K. P. Collins

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> Whoops, meant to say, cannot create new long term memories. Thanks bilzor
> John H.
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> > Huh? HM has perfect long term memory. He just has a learning deficit.
> >
> > "John H." <johnh at faraway.> wrote in news:4010a385 at
> >
> > > The below is a paper I browsed last night and found quite interesting.
> > > The author argues that the hippocampus acts as a type of monitor of
> > > various body states and supports his argument by references to a great
> > > many receptors and ligands found in the hippocampus. He makes the
> > > interesting observation that the famous HM not only had no long term
> > > memory, but rarely reported feeling hungry, tired etc and was pain
> > > tolerant. Thus, to use Ken's terminology, the hippo acts as a super
> > > configuration system.

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