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> What you really need is a book like "The Retina: An Approachable Part
> of the Brain" by John Dowling, Harvard U Press,  1987.  That work is,
> in fact, referenced in Mahowald and Mead's "Silicon Retina" paper.
> (Incidentally, it is not polite to ignore coauthors when citing work!"

*blush* sorry, was being lazy!

> R. Masland has a brief introduction to "The Functional Architecture of
> the Retina" in the Dec. 1986 Scientific American.
> Just about every book you can find on neurobiology or neurophysiology
> or neuroscience or physiological psychology should have a large
> section, perhaps a whole chapter, on retinal information processing.
> these books are really essential to get a firm understanding of the
> anatomy and physiology behind the information processing.
> This seems to be a nice web site on the retina

Thanks for the leads, off down to the library for me then!


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